Judge issues humiliating smackdown of Trump lawyers in Maricopa County court

I hope all of you shithouse lawyers listen closely to what the judge says. Since you won’t I’ll spell it out for you Trump cultists. The judge asked the Trump lawyers to explain why the affidavits were legitimate, and Trump’s lawyers couldn’t provide any evidence to prove the reliability of the affidavits.

Trump lost. Biden won.

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Your desperation is hilarious and pretty obvious! You have no idea what is coming! Then again we all here shouldn’t be surprised at the level intelligence you are willing to display which is embarrassing for you! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


The last lawsuit in AZ has been thrown out

Even if NV, WI, and MI all somehow flipped their electors, you cultists still won’t have enough points to win. Joe Biden is your president. Start coping or do us all a favor and stop breathing.

Just wait for it! Monday is going to be epic and we are just getting started! You idiots won’t know what hit you! :rofl: :rofl:

This is going to be you soon! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes - this must be why news is breaking that Trump is considering a run in 2024 :rofl:

It’s over. You lost!

You are a real fucking idiot Ching Chong. The point of this trial is to see if there’s enough reasonable suspicion to allow Trump’s lawyers to be able to subpoena. That is how evidence is collected. This is how civil litigation works. We’re at the stage where they’re asking for subpoena power. This is because they don’t have a mountain of evidence and discovery hasn’t happened yet. This judge is corrupt and showboating to people like you who don’t understand this, or who are complete idiots.

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Yeah ok! Here is the thing, morons like you are easily manipulated because you believe everything the MSM tells you but some of us know more than you, which is why it’s going to be fun watching you cry!

Keep posting your dumb comments because later it’s going to be that much sweeter watching your inevitable meltdown! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why can’t you racists face the facts? It’s over and the lawsuits are all collapsing. Joe Biden will be sworn in as President in January and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about that. It’s happening.

Oh - and it appears that the trash lawsuit in Pennsylvania has been put into the garbage where it belongs.

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Blow it out your ass.

Trump exhausted all the legal options he had and anything else he tries will be thrown out.

Do you understand how the legal system works?

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Ooopsie! Facebook listed Joe Biden as a “politician” again instead of President-Elect.

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Have your fun, because facts are on my side!

Out of respect for those on the inside I am not commenting on this anymore!

Lastly, you should be worried about stocking up on food rations than flapping your gums with dumb repeated MSM talking points! Starving is no fun place to be!

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Listen you filthy commies… these district judges aren’t beyond corrupt y’know?

This was anticipated.

As the legal team has constantly said they’re taking it to the Supreme Court.

How about - you tell me…what kind of evidence would be enough for you to begin to consider that this was not a fair election?

:heavy_check_mark: Hundreds of sworn affidavits and witnesses of illegal systems and process
:heavy_check_mark: Video evidence of the above taking place
:heavy_check_mark: Mathematical and statistical irregularities and impossibilities
:heavy_check_mark: Investigation of the voting software Corporation, it’s business partners and history
:heavy_check_mark: The software and server, demonstrating the ease of which anyone can alter votes
:heavy_check_mark: Video of shredding ballots
:x: “But, Russia”

I am looking forward to the full investigation and watching these corrupt officials walk into their cell. One. By. One.

A lot of lefties with there heads in the sand are about to get a big cup of ‘wake the f@@k up’

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Yeah! When they find out who Al Gore is! :rofl:

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Sidney Powell was on Newsmax earlier and said the voting software was used in 2016 to steal the nomination from Bernie…and he was informed of it, and instead of fighting, cashed a check and bought a new house. Additionally, complaints of this kind go back to 2003.

What do you think of that @urbanite @PizzaGuy @FiredUpDem?


We are on the precipice looking into the dark. Either way this comes out will not be good. I’m hoping the deep state will be held accountable and crushed. Our freedom is at stake. I hope that you my friends are preparing.


We are listening to the actual lawyers and not the activist judges. Sekulow noted his legal team is working on the constitutional case, while the Trump campaign legal team of Rudy Giuliani, JennaEllis, and Sidney Powell are focusing on compiling the evidence of voter fraud, including Dominion Voting Systems.


The media is saying Trump’s lawsuits are being dismissed. This is NOT true. The lawsuits being dismissed are not by Trump’s attorneys. They only have THREE lawsuits. This is not over. They are just panicking.

Truckers are going on strike soon, so yeah focusing on stocking up on essentials should be top priority if you are living in the cities.

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