Judge fined, debarred 30 months for violating Hatch Act

Need to see more Obola appoints get disciplined for their blatant bias! Good to see this happen, and is a good start!

It was really only a $1000 fine since the judge had already retired.

Yeah but the bigger punishment is being disbarred for 30 months! Being a lawyer myself you never ever want that on your record it’s a career and practice killer! This judge pretty much can not do anything related to law practice and is probably mulling over new career options! Just saying! This is pretty humiliating!

Yeah but if she was retired is it really a big deal? I could see if she were a young lawyer or even a mid-career lawyer, but this seems like an empty punishment. I’m with @kvetch on that. Although you lawyers have your own weird professional culture which has always confused me.

I hope all these Obama judges start getting slammed!

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Just because she is retired doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a firm in the private sector! Retired from the government appointment is what the article suggests! So yeah it’s a big deal!

God damn why did it take 3 years for this to happen? Perfect example of why the entire legal system is broken.

It’s the government! They are experts at sausage making!