Judge Delays Michael Flynn’s Sentencing-A biased judge

A federal judge delayed Michael Flynn’s sentencing Tuesday at the behest of his attorneys following a bizarre sentencing hearing in which Judge Emmett Sullivan raised the prospect that the former White House national-security adviser committed treason, before backtracking and conceding that Flynn’s crimes were not, in fact, treasonous.

Sullivan, who is tasked with sentencing Flynn for one count of of lying to federal agents, gave Flynn’s attorneys the option of delaying his sentencing until the extent of his cooperation with prosecutors in other ongoing criminal cases could be made clear.

Sullivan, however, admonished the general during the hearing and suggested he betrayed his country.

“All along, you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States. That undermines everything this flag over here stands for. Arguably you sold your country out,” Sullivan said.

Flynn is facing up to six months in prison but prosecutors have recommended leniency in light of Flynn’s providing “substantial help” in multiple ongoing criminal investigations.

Sullivan pushed Flynn during the hearing to admit that he knew he was committing a crime when he lied to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak — rebutting the defense, popular among Flynn’s allies, that the agents trapped him by failing to inform him that he was under investigation and could be criminally liable for lying to them.

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The judge went on to accuse Flynn of lying to federal agents while standing in the White House, but rescinded that accusation after learning that Flynn’s conversations with investigators occurred before President Trump was sworn in. Following a recess, Sullivan clarified his earlier remarks about Flynn lying while in the White House and appeared to apologize for seeming to suggest that Flynn committed treason.

“I’m not suggesting” Flynn committed treason, Sullivan said. “I was just trying to determine the benefit and the generosity of the government. Don’t read too much into the questions I ask.”

Sullivan set a status update hearing for March 13, at which point prosecutors will report on the extent of Flynn’s cooperation in other ongoing investigations.

Flynn — a retired three-star general who served as national-security adviser for just the first 28 days of the administration — is the highest ranking administration official to be sentenced in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mueller’s investigators are now investigating whether Trump obstructed justice by instructing then-FBI director James Comey to end the investigation into Flynn in the spring of 2017.

Two of Flynn’s former business partners were accused, in an indictment unsealed Monday, of violating foreign lobbying rules by conducting a covert campaign to pressure U.S. officials to expel one of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political rivals.

Prosecutors say Flynn assisted their investigation into his former business associates but it remains unclear what other criminal investigations Flynn has assisted.

This is not looking good for Trump.

Nice stretch.

Not looking good for a biased judge.

This will easily be overturned, on might conclude the judge is an idiot.

Time will tell. It certainly doesn’t put Trump in a favorable light or position.

Flynn is doing what he needs to do to get the case to the USSC. There it will be used to establish a case law precedent like the Brady Rule.

Call it the Flynn Rule on disallowing false or fake witness statements.

That is the true legacy of Obama - proof it was a time of total FBI/DOJ corruption.

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And exactly where do you get that???

This judge needs be taken out to the woodshed. When will enough be enough of communist pieces of shit like this accusing everyone of that which they are guilty?



So it seems the judge screwed up today and didn’t know/recall that Flynn had left all his lobbying work before taking the job in the WH…resulting in remarks that are now all over the headlines of the media,

The judge retracted his harsh statements and apoligized after the recess in court, but the media is refusing to correct. They are still pushing initial statements.

Anyone else find this disgusting???

Except that his highly gratuitous comments were made about something that Flynn was never charged with… He went well over the line with his comments and it appears, after reflection that he figured that out.

Nowhere legitimate. You’re right, Donald’s fine here. Nothing to see or worry about, carry on!

perhaps you should stay on topic.

Oh, I am. You’re right, clearly the Mueller investigation has no potential for negative impact on Trump, either personally or for his administration. Well done! :+1:

perhaps you should stay on topic for a change.

Serious legal professionals have questioned whether Flynn might have lacked the criminal intent to be guilty of anything and whether the entire conviction is just a sad case of the power of prosecutors to crush their individual citizens.

The lack of any significant jail time in this case is a sign that the case was at risk for the very dubious techniques used to trap these targets into process crimes.

The judge and treason: Treason is one of the brightest lines in American law. By placing the definition of treason right in the Constitution, the Founders specifically blocked judges or Congress from tinkering with the meaning.

They also said that no person shall be convicted of treason except on the testimony of two witness. And it had to be an “overt” act. Plus, the Constitution forbids convicting someone on a confession unless it is made in open court.

The prosecutors assured the judge that the government doesn’t suspect Flynn of treason. After a break in the hearing, Judge Sullivan apologized for falsely claiming Flynn’s work for Turkey took place while he was National Security Advisor.

One has to ask, is this the best and brightest? This judge should be toast.

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