Juan Williams is an IDIOT!

Juan Williams, the pinhead liberal commentator on Fox News just made the statement that President Trump is provoking the violence in Portland by sending in federal troops to protect federal properties.

What is he supposed to do, Juan?

  • Stand down and let the goddamned anarchist destroy OUR property?
  • Watch it happen on TV and say, “Gee, they’re getting stronger by the night.”…?

That’s what the stupid bastards in charge of Oregon are doing. The Governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland should both be tarred and feathered.

The same is happening in New York Shitty. The communist Mayor Warren Wilhelm, Jr. and the pansy-ass Governor Quomo have essentially given the green light to criminality.


I empathize with your rant and I hear ya buddy! And oh yes Juan Williams is a certifiable nut-job moron who has been a victim of leftist venom himself and still shills for them. :roll_eyes:


He is just repeating the Mayor’s talking points because he can’t come up with any of his own.

Yes, it is Federal property and the Feds can protect it.

Guaranteed, the soy boys and girls will move onto easier targets when the Feds rain on their parade.

What I don’t understand is a stronger response from the Feds.

When they were blocking the doors, the Feds should have reigned holy hell on their asses and sent them scurrying like the cockroaches they are.


Juan is so dumb, but Fox pays him to be an idiot.


Yes, he’s what I call a USEFUL IDIOT. He has a loudspeaker…and a lot of useful idiot followers!

That enables Fox to claim two virtues:

  • They are fair and balanced.
  • They are kind to dumb animals.

There are a lot of useful idiots out there.

They make COVID-19 look like a bubble bath for a baby with a rubber ducky in comparison.

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Juan is the token liberal moron on Fox . :poop: :clown_face: