Joy Behar To Leave ***The View***

Little Miss “I hate Trump” caused an uproar when she hinted she would be leaving the view soon. It was not what she expected.

A no talent dork , who the hell watches that leftist bullshit anyways ?

It’s a scripted show. The panel members have blue cards written by the show’s “screen writers”. They are not nearly as intelligent and witty as they pretend.

What is the latest count on Whoopi Goldberg’s abortion count 4 ?, 5 ? ,6 ? Discussing subhuman .

So when do you think these “gals” will hit sleepy Joe Biden with " WE MUST BELEIVE EVERY WOMEN " ?

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Hopefully after she leaves, she will be replaced by someone more camera friendly.

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Eye candy is an attention grabber, definitely. If you watch Fox News Outnumbered, the four sets of crossed legs and stiletto heels makes a distracting scene. I do prefer intelligent, unbiased conversation though.

In some ways, it is unfortunate that the talking head shows rely on the long standing notion that sex sells (in actuality, it only increases the level of attention which in turn raises ratings and keeps viewers from switching channels during commercials). Some of my most brilliant and interesting friends are butt-ugly.

If she’d take the two other witches with her the show might be worth watching again.

I’ve not watched it except for occasional clips on Fox shown to exemplify heir lunacy. I’m not attracted to The View at all. I’m familiar with it only in reading of Behar’s and Golberg’s idiocy and watching a few ‘newsworthy’ clips.

Well it’s the television equivalent of watching a whirlpool in your cesspool or a turd going down the toilet.

Yeah, her and Whoopi Pie are both FUGLY .I hope the cameras have filters to handle it? There isn’t a Plastic Surgeon born that could remake both of them.

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