Joy Behar is an Idiot

'Joy Behar of “The View” insisted that presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden could not make good on his vow to cure cancer if elected, pointing the finger at climate change as the roadblock.

Behar was a second rate borscht belt comedian before she landed her gig on The View.

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I agree with your opinion in the title, but not with your assignment of her previous rating. She was far below second rate…so far that I had never heard of her…at all…before she started making an ass of herself on The View.

…and I’ve seen a lot of second and third rate comedians.

I’ve not ever actually watched The View. What I’ve seen of it are excerpts on Fox when they use them to point out the lunacy of the panel…mostly in reference to Joy and Whoopi. They are both idiots.

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Behar is a vile pig :face_vomiting:

What is even scarier is the many idiots who watch these idiots! Sort of like why do idiot voters keep voting for people like Maxine and Pelosi? Sigh! If only their audiences started waking up to seeing they are idiots, then the sooner they would be out of jobs! Nothing would please me more if that happened! Behar is one of the biggest celebrity hypocrites there is, as she lives in a 4 million dollar pent house on Park ave and has the nerve to preach to viewers about issues that the commoner deal with when she has no clue and is out of touch with reality! She is the poster child that resembles the aristocracy living in a Ivory tower trying to call the kettle black!