Journalist Faces Hate Crime For Using WRONG Gender Pronoun

Journalist Faces Hate Crime For Using WRONG Gender Pronoun. Jordan Peterson said it, you could be arrested for using the wrong pronoun. Many said it was silly but now in the UK we have seen many stories of people being arrested for misgendering.

Now we have a story of a religious journalist facing an investigation for using the wrong gender pronoun. The conundrum here is which do we protect the religious or the trans individual?

Does social justice prioritize religion or identity and depending on which, why?

I don’t see any difference between this and Orwells’ novel ‘1984’ STAY THE F AWAY FROM THE UK!

Wrong think is a modern day black plague. It’s infected the science community and now it’s spreading to the last purveyors of truth.

This is why I despise the Left, LGBT, SJW and PC. They hate Freedom of speech.


There is a huge difference between Orwell’s predictions and this sort of extremist hate being promoted.

Of course social justice is more important in the 21st. century than religious superstitious beliefs.

Most people know and accept the truth in the need to keep faith completely separated from science and known facts. Superstitous beliefs and reality can’t possibly live side by side in a modern world.

UK is completely cucked, Brexit or not.

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Go on, pull out anecdotal evidence. I could do the same and say the US is fucked and let’s stay away. You have plenty more shit!

Journalist faces Hate Crime for naming the Wrong Gender for someone who thinks they are the Wrong Gender.

Muslims are running amok stabbing and raping little girls and Britcucks are worried about hurt feelings about an imaginary identity? This is what happens when you don’t have guns to protect your speech. Enjoy your authoritarian shithole, the UK is fucked!

Really gets the noggin joggin.

Yes they are and they will be too in America. What is happening here is very wrong and I am not defending it, but really you should take a good look at yourselves before throwing shit around. You have Muslims in office, you have Muslim communities being built. Don’t you think your type of Muslims won’t go raping little girls? You won’t be sneering soon! Do you honestly think guns will protect your free speech? What about Google, Twatter and Facebook? What do you do, run to the hills and shout? What use is free speech without a platform? You are much, much more controlled than you realise!

What? Got confused. A woman who is a man that identifies him/herself as something, being charged because of a picture of other I don’t know what. After reading this I don’t know what I am anymore.

Born a dude, now a mutilated dude, will be a dude still when he stands before the Lord on judgment day.

Grace can fix any spiritual problem except doggedly refusing to repent.

Social Justice is superstitious beliefs. And you are right the social justice superstitious nonsense has no place in the real world.

One a dude always a dude, the genetic makeup remains a dude. No amount of hormones or surgery can ever change that.

Aren’t you Canadian? I should report your insult to Islam to your authorities at once!

This kind of crap is so far beyond 1984 Orwell is rolling over in his grave and throwing up.

We had free speech for 2 1/2 centuries before the internet even existed.

One EMP and we’ll be starting all over anyhow.

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The modern SJ movement is the biggest fairy tale in history.

Half a million years of human physical and social evolution is being discounted in favor of “everything is ok, everything is equal, we’re all the same”.

Don’t even begin to talk about science and the SJ movement in the same sentence or you’re liable to choke on your own hypocrisy.