Journalist Andy Ngo Confronted By Gun Toting ANTIFA

And harassed by police… Asian and Gay doesn’t get a pass if you don’t toe the party line…

Seattle would be an excellent place for China to nuke.

No way… this is a gateway city and the Chinese are pouring a lot of resource into the kind of propaganda that the left are more than willing to push…


See how his rifle is slung? It’s completely backwards…and what kind if scope is that? It looks like a movie prop.

Maybe… single point sling for a lefty (pardon the inference)? Scope is definitely for effect…

These thugs are the modern version of Hitler’s Brownshirts and Stalin’s enforcers.

“Free speech hell”, only approved speech can be tolerated.

We just need for the western 1/3 of the west coast to slide off into the pacific with the next big quake.

It’s a gold ring Leupold of some sort, probably a VX-R.

These cops hiding behind the falsity of big city anonymity really should be sued out of their pensions in personal law suits for failure to protect the public and for Civil Rights violations. Then, they’ll start protecting our rights to free speech and assembly.

That’s the problem. This sadly has already been up the Supreme Court flag pole.

No constitutional duty to protect someone…then what the hell is the point of paying boatloads of tax dollars for police and their generous pensions?

I’m kind of scratching my head them carrying guns at a counter protest? Is that even legal?

Depends on the state. Here in Texas it would be legal but you’re really walking a razor thin edge because if you commit even a minor misdemeanour while armed it can quickly accelerate into a felony.

If you got into any sort of physical altercation while strapped with a long gun I think most of the prosecutors in the state would at least try to go for an aggravated felony assault conviction whether you employed the firearm in any way or not.

I wouldn’t want to be that guy and be doing the same thing in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.