John Madden Passes Away

Back when the sport of football was actually watchable and didn’t have all the woke nonsense that we see today, John Madden made an impact both as a coach and a broadcaster. It was enjoyable to watch the games that he and Al Michaels and Pat Summerall had called over the years.

Remembering John Madden.

Eulogy for Pat Summerall

Miller Lite Commercial

Quite a remarkable career having won Superbowls with then Oakland Raiders, and several Emmys for his broadcasting years. He was also the same genuine person after his fame whenever coming in contact with regular people he would meet on the streets across the country. An all around great guy who will be missed, with an era now officially over. RIP John Madden and thanks for the memories!

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RIP Coach!

Some of you may have guessed that I am a Raiders fan (54 years) by my user name… it was the nick name of the secondary in the 70’s (Willie Brown, Skip Thomas Dr. Death, Jack Tatum assasin, George Atkinson)

I miss the days of real football… and my Raiders dominating the league. Maybe they will again before my time is up…lol.

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The Raiders might make the playoffs this year. They just had a huge win this past Sunday!

It would be nice, but they have to win out. Since the BS with Gruden… and Ruggs being an idiot, the team has struggled. We’ll see.


Football wasn’t so fucking political in his day , now football is all about BLM and disrespecting the flag , kneeing and black millionaires telling us how bad they have it .


Yeah I remember that nonsense. Gruden was a tough break though and hope he wins his lawsuits! I think the Raiders have a decent team, if only they can put it together and don’t turn the dam ball over they can pretty much beat anyone right now.


Great Highlight reel of John Madden’s career.