John Cleese Criticised For Saying London is No Longer a English City

Well at least some Brits are willing to tell it like it is! The truth that is! Oh but here are stupid people like Kahn and Joly pulling out the racist card! Pathetic!

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For once Cleese is right, London isnt a English city any more, well parts of London, at Least kensington and few other pockets have maintained the English charm

This is one of the reason I love the South of England and throw in jersey and guernsey, I get to see some of the English charm .

The Brits really need to be a bit more “racist” (even though Islam isn’t a race) and deport all the Muslims.

I didn’t think this was a controversial statement.

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Cleese baited them and skewered them with a rapier wit.

My ancestral homeland has been invaded by everyone from far northern to far southern europe, I think that only the Spanish actually failed. (There are also the Scottish and Hadrian things, but I digress.)

The young idiots cannot distinguish between English, British, and UK.

Cleese is one of the most funny people on the planet, and the Globalist/Leftwits are devoid of humour, they are as defenseless as the knight with no arms or legs.


John Cleese is a national treasure, he’s also spot on with his comments London is a shithole.


I lived in NW London from 1984 to 1985 when I was stationed there in the U.S. Navy.

Back then, the only thing we had to worry about was the random IRA bombing.

Which part of North West London was you in ???

Kahn used that old line about diversity being their greatest strength.

Define “strength” and “diversity” and show us the science and evidence behind that statement, Libs.

Diversity…like salt and oxygen and water… in the right quantities they are good. In the wrong quantities, they can kill.

I will believe when I see proof.

I worked in Central London at the Navy Building in the 80’s (since closed)

I lived in Brent Cross near RAF Hendon.

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