John Brennan hand-picked Eric Ciaramella for WH…

This is not looking good for John boy, as more is coming out about who Eric Ciaramella is, and who Is a person already identified as the so called “whistleblower!” Is it no wonder why he is not allowed to testify? Hmm? Looks sketchy to many!

Jack Posobiec with former CIA officer Brad Johnson

John Brennan hand-picked operative Eric Ciaramella for White House

He was also best pals with Joe Biden. This whole whistleblower crap was to distract from Trump investigating actual government corruption.

This whole charade is starting to stink like house guests that over stayed their welcome! Three day old fish starts to smell!

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Eric was NSC Director for Ukraine in 2015 according to this article. Meeting here with Ali Chalupa and others. I believe he was fired from NSC for leaking at WH and then joined CIA, but cant confirm.

It’s all starting to unravel. The real reason the Democrats are fighting so hard is because they know that they committed all the crimes and they are blaming the same crimes on President Trump - which he didn’t commit. It’s an Alinsky tactic and they are very good at it.

Yeah the timeline seems a little confusing, but he is pictured with Obola’s whitehouse staff in 2016. Then there was the revelation of the Oval Office and White House needing renovation before Trump moved in due to all the bugs that were planted, a little detail that is often overlooked when talking about the leaking and who was doing the leaking. Funny, after him and Priebus were gone the leaking stopped!

Yes! It’s going to get worse if this goes to the senate for a trial. That is where people like Schiff will have to testify under oath and in public, which will be much more revealing and damaging for Democrats.

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I think the truth regarding a long list of other players in the obviously orchestrated attempt to remove President Trump will come to light with Brennan’s CIA records.