Joel Osteen has some strange connections

I just watched that whole video to learn that the father of Joel Osteen’s wife worked for NASA - which just happens to be one of the largest employers in the Houston area. Crazy! I mean what are the chances of someone working for NASA in Houston, having children, and one of those children marrying someone in the local area?

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Don’t forget the logo for Osteen’s church vaguely resembles the NASA logo. It’s round.

Obviously,they are not from Houston. They just moved there because NASA hired him.

Considering the dude was a rocket scientist seems like NASA might be one of those places trying to retain people with that education and skill set, especially at that time.

Anyway I don’t even really know what your position is on this because you just posted a video and nothing else.

Why don’t you provide some context, OP?

They moved from Rocket City in Alabama to Houston where NASA is.

So what? Why does this matter?

You guys haven’t heard about this yet? What OP is getting at is the existence of a secret space program. They formed a breakaway society decades ago, they siphon off resources and keep us as slaves, they developed an entire other world underground and in space. If I were to guess, their exploration stops at the solar system as ayys won’t let them leave.

That’s the theory at least. There’s no one-stop archive of information on the breakaway society, but the hints are there if you look around. We’re slaves kept in an open-air holding pen we call “Earth.” Fun little theory and OP should have done it some justice, instead of posting a reaction video to that ■■■ Owen Benjamin.

If you want to learn more - go watch the Joe Rogan / Alex Jones interview.