Joe Biden to Drop Out of 2020 Race

This comes from Alex Jones/Infowars and some “sources”.

Biden is complaining about slurring words, coughing fits and other health problems. He is supposedly going to drop out before the end of July. He says that if he is attacked on stage in Detroit he will drop out.

Again this comes from Alex Jones and some anonymous source he claims to have. I don’t completely believe it myself. I haven’t been to Infowars in a few years now. I don’t completely Alex Jones. I take everything he says with a grain of salt. None of the October surprises ever happened either. Jonestown says a lot of shit and none of it ever happens.

But here is the video anyway.

So at the very least you can watch this never happen and get a good laugh at Jonestown’s expense.

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I hope he does; that would be a real gift for the Trump re-election campaign.

Of course he is. The man can barely breath

I’d rather he pumped another 100 million into the economy before dropping out. I love when liberals spend money running for offices they don’t get.

I hope he’s afraid Epstein will talk.

Could happen. Biden drops out, and out of the lime light while the rest of the Dems destroy each other. Then at the convention, the Super Delegates hand Biden the nomination by acclaimation. That way, Biden can start his campaign with a clean slate.

Not that it matters that much: Biden is a campaigner on a par with Bob Dole or Mitt Romney.

Except Bob Dole was a war hero the latter two don’t come close to half the man Dole is!

Fair point. He still wasn’t known for his panache though.

Can’t disagree with that, however you are free to criticise the politician but not the man for he was a honorable one!