Joe Biden, the demolition man

Joe Biden, the demolition man

By Jack Hellner

President Trump worked hard with Central America to close the border; on day one, Joe Biden worked very hard to open that border back up.

Trump worked very hard to cut off funds from Iran, to stop the sponsorship of terrorism, and Biden turned the spigot back on, deluging the regime with billions of dollars.

Trump gave the world the Abraham peace accords; Biden gave the world a massive disaster by sparking conflict after conflict between nations with fragile relations.

Trump worked very hard to keep oil prices low and make America energy independent; Biden told the world we were going to destroy our domestic oil industry, which jacked up the global price, and allowed Iran to fund the terrorists and Russia to fund its war.

I don’t understand why Iran is still sponsoring all these attacks since the Biden administration has told Iran in strongly-worded terms, many times, to stop sponsoring terrorism.

But, according to the media, other Democrats, Nikki Haley, and many establishment Republicans, it is Trump who causes chaos.

The question is, when will the media and establishment politicians acknowledge that it is the Biden administration that is causing cascading disasters? I hope the voters recognize the problem! (It is easy to recognize.)

Trump went to NATO and told them to increase their funding for defense to 4%, as they were obligated to do, and he was repeatedly derided. He never was going to leave NATO. He wanted to make them stronger so they could defend themselves against adversaries, instead of having American taxpayers foot the bill.

When Trump lectured NATO members on how dangerous it was for them to depend on Russia for their energy, idiotic leaders laughed at him:

Europeans Laughed at Trump Over Russian Gas. No Longer.

They are learning what happens when you give the very nation NATO was set up to oppose the power to cut off your energy.

Trump took out Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, and Biden and other Democrats castigated him for such a “dangerous” action; but Iran and its terrorist benefactors stopped attacking American bases at will after that happened, because they knew Trump meant what he said. Peace through strength.

Isn’t the world so fortunate that the media campaigned so hard to put the adults back in the room? Thank goodness we now have an incompetent president who took his son around the globe collecting kickbacks, instead of Trump who gave the world relative peace and prosperity!

The media should be so proud of themselves—that they contributed so greatly to the cascading world disasters, by lying continuously about Russian collusion, and by burying the truthful stories about the Biden family corruption, as they have relentlessly interfered in elections. Misinformation is their method of operation when they target people they want to destroy.

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Taxpayers must earn $11,250 MORE this year than 2021 , thank you demoRATS !!!

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But, but the economy is great, ROTFLMAO!

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About as great as it was under the peanut turd !!!

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I am amazed how they tout Bidens economy and the lower inflation rate.

  1. Government spending/Biden caused the inflation.
  2. The cost of goods and services remain high.
  3. Biden is responsible for the disaster the southern border.
  4. Biden is responsible for the hundreds of billions wasted in Ukraine.

And democrats will vote 100% for Biden, what a disaster.


Along with 97% blacks
80% women
90% gays
90% abortions lovers
80% gun hating nuts


I ain’t giving up my guns! Cold dead hands!



Joe Biden calls reporters sons of bitches.

He kicks dogs.

He sniffs any child within a 100 feet radius.

He inappropriately touches women in his proximity.

He has been credibly accused of rape.

He showers inappropriately with his own child.

He gets on national Tv and points fingers while whisper shouting.

He looks at his watch when troops die on his watch.

He lies to America in the middle of a national security crisis, spent two days after 10/7 attacks showing his own DOJ he is mentally unfit.

He has said horribly racist things.

He pimped out his crack addict child to the CCP for money.

His administration is responsible for the prosecution of Catholics, parents and journalists. Not to mention his main political opponent.

He threatens prosecutors of sovereign nations.

He has lied about everything from his education to his house burning down and everything in between.

He has spent his entire political career selling out America to line his pockets. His stint as a public servant increased his net worth to over 30 million dollars.

He sleeps like a baby at night despite knowing he is responsible for America having political prisoners in gulags for the first time in this nations history.


Yet the democrats will support him 100% to the end.

There is more to the story that is developing! Democrats? You mean the illegals that are being brought in to vote?

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Referring more to congress who should have impeached him.

Yep… they are waking up.