Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

America and the world knows that the Democrats Machine stole the 2020 POTUS election, if you watched the media on 11/3/2020 it was impossible for Biden to be declared the winner in all Battle Ground States POTUS Trump was ahead by 800,000 in each of the 10 States. that is plus 8 million for POTUS Trump or 81 million and Biden -8 million so 69 million for Biden. America also knows that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sexual perverts , 58 women Joe Biden grouped and 10 black men that Harris banged in on month when they were married, Willie, Brown Barack Obama a few,Kamala Harris panties were outside the windows of the Biden Car rallies back seat WHY did you vote for PIGS like that


Welcome Jim! I agree 100%. I don’t think that Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Lin Wood, and Rudy Giuliani are willing to risk their lives, their careers, and reputations if there wasn’t proof in exposing fraud on a major scale that most cognizant people with a honest brain witnessed in the wee mornings of Nov 4th.

I expect a false flag operation to happen soon, and assassination attempt to happen to the players involved. Get ready for Martial law being implemented soon!

That’s not true. It was a free and fair election. Trump lost. Biden won. Full stop.

The only thing happening now voter suppression by the Trump administration and the GOP.

Where can I read more about Biden´s and Harris´s sexual misconduct?

If it were true you wouldn’t be here trying to convince us otherwise! You are about to be Al Gored! :rofl:

Your desperation is showing and I am going to love every minute of it!

If it were available you’d be able to Google. Just like you can Google the pages and pages of news stories of Trump’s sexual misconduct.

I saw her the other day bragging about her pot smoking.

You should worry about having enough food to eat than wasting your time posting your false propaganda here!

Fair election they why a you so opposed too investigating to ensure a fair vote?

To many dead people you know vote?

No one in their right mind would use google for anything.

The left libs don’t believe politicians are pedophiles because it contradicts their moral worldview. They believe all the bad comes from unofficial sources. So anything bad about the left has to be not true. After all they’re the good guys who are with the officials.

It sounds childish and dumb but this is exactly how a lot of people think. There’s no way those “racists” could be right about anything. There’s no way they could care about kids. Pedophiles are only real if the TV cult leaders say so.

Oh sure maybe Epstein and Weinstein were busted - but it doesn’t suggest any larger pattern. There’s no connection to the DNC and nobody was eating babies etc. They have the luxury of this delusion because Republicans help hide the evidence from the public

Republicans are such a do-nothing party that they act like not letting their opposition illegally overthrow them is a huge accomplishment.

That’s like the bare minimum for being in charge dude. What the hell are they doing?

Their inaction means this will certainly happen again soon. What do they think the dems are just going to give up and start making good faith deals?

They fucking hate Republicans. Why are they such pussies about this?