Joaquin Castro Tweets Names and Addresses of Trump Donors in his Congressional District

Damn! Fidel and Raul all over again!

Screw the Castro brothers!

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If illegal aliens had not stormed our borders and the democratic s NOT given free passes to all comers this may have been avoided !image Steven Kopits, the president of Princeton Policy Advisors which has predicted that immigrant apprehensions would reach 931,000 this year, expressed concern about the May numbers and boosted his prediction to 1,072,000.

Now we have a man publishing the donors list of President Trump in attempt to limit American citizens ability to participate in the next elections !!!

Democratic s fund raise on tragedies and extort the American citizens trying to exercise their first amendment rights !

Joaquin Castro is a racist.

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Joaquin Castro is a socialist who believes that if you don’t toe the party line you should be destroyed at any cost . If you aren’t a comrade in lock step with him and the rest of the lemming you are less then human !


This is all too funny and ironic at the same time! I hope the Castro’s get ostracised endlessly for this crap!

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I got a good laugh outta this one…

Ja-Queen has made a huge mistake! The Miller’s are beloved in San Antonio and with Ja-Queen’s latest asinine actions is going to backfire on him in a major way!

I’m proud to be a Trump donor…Post my name on your lists all you want…It gives me pride to be on that list. Do it!

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+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+10 = Deplorables!

Did you notice he edited his list to remove Hispanic surnames before publishing it?

What a racist piece of garbage.

Yes, saw a bit on FNC tonight that was hilarious since some of those on his list had donated to his and his brother’s and other democrat campaigns as well.

When has “the left” said that???

Geez Monte, you’re normally not clueless…

There are plenty more examples, but you have to look past what Google chooses to be the first results…
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Waters is one of the best examples, she’s constantly calling for more aggressive “resistance”.

The so called “protest” outside of McConnell’s home is another great example.

Monte will of course have a bullshit excuse or deflection for these poor misguided souls who only “meant well” I’m sure but he’s too cowardly to actually debate anyone on the subject. He’ll just continue with the hit and run trolling on the subject like he does on every other topic.

Confronting, yes. Assaulting, no.

The left you use to believe in has been usurped by the Satanic globalists now because it was weaker.
The axiom is no longer left - right. It’s “elites” vs the 99%.


Looks good something to take your mind off socialist dogma .

Soooo, you condone a mob showing up at someone’s home in the wee hours to shout vulgar threats at their family - I guess it’s not assault to you unless someone on the left, or some ‘person of color’ is targeted.


Castros selective list of donors and his smugness rhetoric is the Leftists continuing to fuel fires of divison in the country. Its not racist for Dems to omit Hispanic names, but racist if the Repubs include them on list for Dem candidates.
The names etc are public information and businesses will face Leftist inspired protests and personal intimidation.
Mad Maxine the Ghetto Grinch is racism personified. Her support is only from mentally retarded and brain dead voters .
Monte. The Leftists have consistently showed its good to assault those on the right during their protests and encouragement by their media enablers.
However, Monte isn’t a troll, but encourages thinking .

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Covered this in a separate thread already!

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