Jim Jordan… Is it any wonder people can’t stand this town? Holy Canoli!

Jim Jordan tore NoNADS a new one along with every Democrap sitting in the room while Jordan was going off! Good stuff!

"I am disheartened that Jim Jordan isn’t speaker of the house
And that we still have rinos, warmongers, and globalists
in the top positions in our house of representatives in the so called conservative party.
God bless you Rep Jim Jordan.
Stand strong brother." ~Sandy

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When AG Barr investigates how the Democrats wire tapped President Trumps office, how Hillary paid for the concocted Steele Dossier, that was leaked to the MSM to discredit Trump and keep him from winning the election and the FBI’s involvement, that will be the start of justice being served.

Yep! You got that right! Can’t wait either, because while many have said they will believe it when they see it, its going to happen. McCabe Comey, Brennen, Clapper, are the first dominoes to fall. The second ones will be Schiff, Warner, and a few others I am not at liberty to mention!

I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s been over 2 years and they are just getting around talking about the root cause of all of this now? We all know who caused this and why. Jim Jordan just set as much in his speech. What further investigation is needed? Charges need to be filed. People need to go to jail. That’s it.

Yeah well, you are not a lawyer are you? Maybe I can tell you a few things as to why its taking so long.

No need to be sarcastic about it. I’m not a lawyer but you can’t tell me that how long this crap has been going on for is normal and reasonable because it isn’t. If you know more than everyone else why don’t you just post it?

I like Jim Jordan but he reminds me of Trey Gowdy. All talk and no action.

No I wasn’t being sarcastic, asking an honest question that is all. The reason why I was asking is because yes it does take that long to put together an iron clad case, and there are many like you that are frustrated that nothing has happened yet. Given that we had Sessions as AG first, many were disappointed by him, so I can’t say I blame your anger. Think about it for a minute and ask your self if you know what is really at stake? Would you rather have a case that has no holes and reveals every single detail that will be guaranteed to get a conviction or one that was rushed and where defendants hire high profile defense attorneys that can successfully get a not guilty plea for their clients?