JewsAgainstICE shut down the Seattle ICE office and the street in front of it. Actions are also occurring in: Philly, NYC, Maryland, and LA

#■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ are shutting down the Seattle ICE office.

And the street in front of it.

Actions are also occurring in:




•And LA

Right now.

We won’t stop until all immigrants are granted dignity and security.

— Joshua Potash :sos: (@JoshuaPotash) August 11, 2019

Lock their asses up. If they aren’t here legally send them home. If they are here on visas, cancel the visas and send them home.


■■■■ want to destroy America and Europe.

Keep living that fantasy if it somehow gives you comfort.

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I love how people are categorized into one group

Reprehensible comes to mind

Enlighten us

[quote=“LouMan, post:27, topic:4925”]

"People just don’t get it

Life is about choices

Chose well and you may be rewarded

But some people lead a failed life and blame everyone else for their choices"

Let the lockups begin !! 36 CFR § 2.32 - Interfering with agency functions.

Federal government workers are under literal fire for enforcing our immigration laws and protecting America. —WikiLeaks’ “ICE Patrol” personal information and location database targeting more than 9,000 ICE employees graphic cartoon advising followers on how to stab an ICE agent in the chest “and pull out his still beating heart.” This non-stop escalation anti-ICE terror campaign.
The rich & powerful love the idea of open borders though - they will never become victims of its perniciousness as they lock themselves behind gated walls & are able to use globalization to exploit cheap labor for the profit motive. If we don’t push back against this open border madness, there will no longer be a Western working class and neither will there be a middle class either.

I’m sure you think you have a point here. What is it?