"Jews will not replace us"


Funny how this makes no sense for American White Nationalists in Charleston to say but it sure does ring a Bell with this woman’s rants.


I think she has several accounts on this board.


And yet Jews love the dems , weird ! :roll_eyes:


I think that day is coming to a close.

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Somalia is no longer in a Civil War so Omar and all her Chain Migration Family should go back. Tlaib loves Palestine so much she should live there and take her 14 Siblings and whole extended family. I’m sure we’ve paid enough for their MN & MI families.

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It’s been slow in coming but I think you’re right. Much like republicans pretend to be conservatives when running for office and then quickly show their true colors after taking office I think a lot of democrats run as being pro Jewish/Israel and then show themselves for what they are once in office.

Whatever else Jews may be they aren’t stupid and aren’t buying the BS anymore.

We also have to distinguish between religious and secular Jews and accept the fact there are many liberal/leftist Jews in the US that aren’t supportive of the religious Jewish Community or of the state of Israel.