Jeff Sessions bid for Senate Return Tops Super Tuesday Congressional Primary Ballots (SUPER TUESDAY)

If you are voting in any of these districts, please spread awareness of the candidates running and to get out the vote.

Super Tuesday is more than just a battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

House and Senate primary candidates are also on the ballot in many of the 14 Super Tuesday states, and several key races are worth watching, particularly in Texas, California, and Alabama.

Why should anyone vote for this lazy prick? He did absolutely nothing as AG.

What is the next best option? Isn’t that a seat that Republicans should hold onto? The incumbent is a democrat and would mean Senate remains in Republican control should Sessions win.


Doing nothing is far better than someone who pushes that liberal pc bs any f-ing day !!!
How many more gun grabbing , baby killing , tax crazy, job killing , limp handed , godless, open border turds do you want in office ??? :face_with_monocle:

The bigger question is why don’t Republicans have anyone better than this sleepy old dud. He was absolutely useless as a senator and he was absolutely useless as the attorney general…now he’s older and has been out of the game for a little while so all of a sudden the priority is to get a bench warmer?

Imagine being a former senator and attorney general and losing to A FUCKING FOOTBALL COACH :rofl:

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Sessions is a weak spineless human being who allowed himself to be repeatedly humiliated and belittled by his boss.

No man with an ounce of self respect would have stuck around any employer who treated them like that. And yet he is still a Trump sycophant.

Why anyone would want such a jellyfish of a man to represent them in government is beyond me.

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That’s always the question…

Sessions had decades in the spotlight and squandered his opportunity as Attorney General. I’m not surprised that his candidacy didn’t gain any traction. His name recognition is associated with someone who got absolutely nothing done. He chose to end his career that way. Any subsequent losses are on him and him alone.


So you won’t be voting for slow Joe then , got it . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I would be happy if either R’s won that seat but I hope Jeff can get his seat back because I don’t think he was a bad Senator just an ineffective AG. He took supposed ethical advice from unethical DC swamp advisers.

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I’m glad he lost. These geriatric scumbags just need to stay home and get out of the way.

Ha, well played. I walked into that one.

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He is right and the voters saw that! Maybe he thought the voters forgot about his actions, then upon retiring he gets applause from the swamp.

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Trump has endorsed Tommy Tuberville yet Sessions is still desperate for Trumps approval by talking about how effective Trump is. The man has no self respect.

How the fuck can Sessions go home and look at his family with his head held high.

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Sessions is a traitor and a turncoat and I hope that he is humiliated by a former football coach turned politician. At least the football coach can look back and say that he accomplished something. Sessions can’t.

Or perhaps Trumps claim he only hires the best is bullshit.

Not necessarily. In the beginning Sessions was one of Trumps first supporters especially on the issue of immigration and Trump rewarded him with the AG post. Trump simply made the mistake of hiring him as the AG where ultimately it proved he was just another swamp dweller when he recused himself.

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Exactly, he got the job because he was an early supporter which helped Trump gain credibility. Not because he was the best person for the job.

Now Trump supporters are saying Barr is part of the deep state etc. at what point do we hold accountable the man who makes these hiring decisions?