Japanese Ship Owner: The United States is Wrong About the Attack in the Gulf of Oman

According to Japanese shipowner Yukata Katada, the United States is wrong about the attack on a Japanese oil ship in the Gulf of Oman.

According to US President Donald Trump’s allegations , Iran will be behind the attack on the Japanese oil tanker Kokuka Courageous, which took place yesterday in the Gulf of Oman. The Americans have also published film material which is believed to show how Iranian Special Forces removes an unexposed magnet mine from the ship’s hull.

According to Yukata Katada , owner of the ship, custodians claim instead that what caused the explosion aboard the oil tanker was some form of “flying object”, which should have hit the ship’s side. That the holes in the hull are far above the waterline also excludes torpedoes, according to the Japanese.

Exactly what was this “flying object” the crew saw? Currently that is still unclear. Iran, which at the time of the attack had Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on state visits, denied that it was behind the attack. Sounds like a really shitty false flag to me.


This was on Breitbart News top headline. Now they took it off the main page.

BREITBART is now burying it, because half the comments are saying bs or saying they don’t give a fuck because the borders are still open.

There are still quite a few shills in the comment section, but they are outnumbered.



I think the Japanese know a thing or two about damaging ships. I’ll take their word on this one.

If your referring to WW2, they are likely all dead.

Brace for more tensions in a strategic place for oil transportation and an increased price at the pump. Just in time for summer.

Not surprising. Much of the Breitbart audience are holdovers from Bannon’s populist direction, when it was most popular as a publication, most popular with the Trump base, so on and so forth. And those people don’t like the neocon agenda the same way that Mainstream Conservative publications tend to lean.

Yep same old movie we’ve seen over and over again.

Did you all see the Twitter comments to the US Navy tweet that of film supposedly showing Iranian Revolutionary Guards removing ‘unexploded limpet mines’ from (above the water line) on one of the tankers?

The tanker company owner made a statement saying his crew reported seeing ‘flying objects’ just before the explosions, suggesting a missile strike.

I mean, who removes a UXB using an inshore patrol craft full of men pulled up right next to the UXB? No military ever would do this.

There’s another photo which purports to show 2 limpet mines on the vessel, but it looks just like a shoop. Total bullshit.

Where’s the ‘splash mark’ on the hull from an explosion? Not there.

Why attack with torpedoes as well as limpet mines?

One’s a stand-off weapon and one’s an up-close-and-personal attack!

Is the (((Deep State))) even really trying right now?

Trump specifically blamed Iran TODAY, cited the video as evidence. So, is he “deep state” or is he being duped by the “deep state”…:man_shrugging:

(editing…) . .

This is the new conditioning where they make it obvious it’s fake so you acquire learned helplessness.

Yep. No coincidence that Israel just bombed some Hamas targets furthering tensions? The timing of it seems uncanny!

More propaganda perhaps?

Shallow running torpedos and surface mines will produce hits above the water line if the area of the ship they strike is at or below the water line to to normal pitch and roll or high seas at the time they are hit.

Some of the hits are obviously mines rather than torpedoes but that wasn’t known at the time.

Another case where Trump probably should not have commented before more was known but it certainly doesn’t indicate any intentional deception.

They haven’t fired on a ship themselves since at least the Korean War and haven’t had one of their own ships sunk due to enemy action in decades so no, not really.

The splash marks are there if you’ll just make the effort to look.

Those marks would be minimal naturally if the ship is struck by something that has a delay to allow for penetration before explosion as well.


Those strikes are obviously caused by an external source since the hull is torn inward rather than outward.

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If Iran is not responsible why would the be preventing rescue/towing efforts?

Time for a couple of destroyers or cruisers to show up and escort them. If Iran wants a conflict let them begin. If they don’t, they can offer to help or withdraw.

What can’t be done is to cower and allow them to take control of the gulf, it would cause chaos and economic disaster for the industrialized world.

Time for Israel and its shills to quit harassing Iran

The traitor Donald Trump, who wants to send tens of thousands of our boys to die in a completely insane war against Iran that has no other purpose than to make ■■■■ feel safer, is going around on the shows.

He is openly accusing Iran of being responsible for this attack on two Japanese ships.

The US is claiming a mine was responsible for the explosion, and says Iranians came back to the ship to pick up a mine that didn’t detonate. They’ve released a video.

This is some kind of psycho warfare nonsense.

Newly today, Japan has said that it wasn’t a mine that bombed the ships, and that it’s physically impossible for that to have happened. The media initially said it was a torpedo, but they haven’t been using that word today.

Anyway, shockingly, even the New York Times is calling bullshit on this.

New York Times:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that intelligence reviewed by American officials showed that Iran was responsible for attacks earlier in the day on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, a critical waterway for the transit of much of the world’s oil.

Mr. Pompeo did not present any evidence to back up the assessment of Iran’s involvement. The assertion is certain to further fuel tensions between the Trump administration and Iranian leaders, which have been at heightened levels since early May, when the White House announced military movements in response to what American officials have said is an increased threat from Iran.

Speaking at a news conference in Washington, Mr. Pompeo said the sabotage against the two tankers was only the latest in a series of recent violent acts by Iran.

“Taken as a whole, these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security,” he said.

The rapid escalation of tensions in early May between the United States and Iran took place around the time that four tankers were damaged by explosions at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, near the Strait of Hormuz. The explosions that occurred in the same areaearly Thursday morning, which forced crews to abandon ship and left one vessel ablaze, were similar to the incidents last month.

Mr. Pompeo and John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, both said late last month that Iran was responsible for those earlier attacks, though neither have presented evidence. On May 30, Mr. Pompeo told reporters that he had seen evidence of Iranian involvement and said “these were efforts by the Iranians to raise the price of crude oil throughout the world.”

Details of the incidents on Thursday have remained murky, as they have for the explosions in May. Given the widespread criticism over the Iraq War and presentation of faulty intelligence that led to it, the Trump administration faces great pressure from Congress, the American public and foreign allies to lay out explicitly any evidence of threatening actions by Iran.

Funny to see the NYT - the ones responsible for hoaxing all of the Iraq intelligence - taking this tone.

But it might not be that surprising. I think they have good reason not to have blood on their hands a second time, and they also have good reason to believe that Trump won’t launch a war based on what they say.

He’s obviously already planning to do it, or he wouldn’t have faked this false flag attack. So the deal is already done.

He’s the deal maker, remember?

He blows up ships and blames it on other people then sends tens of thousands of Americans to die in pointless wars for ■■■■ - that’s his deal.


I am so absolutely disgusted by this disgusting fat old orange man.

May God punish him for this great evil he has committed against our nation.

The good news is that comments sections across the entire internet are being flooded with people saying this is fake, that Trump did it, or Israel or Mike Pompeo or whatever - they’re all the same entity at this point.

Keep commenting everywhere you can, get this meme out there.

With China and Japan involved in all of this, it’s quite possible we could get a real investigation into this attack. I’m sure there’s enough layers of plausible deniability that Trump/Israel couldn’t take a fall for it. But any objective investigation is going to be pointing the finger in their direction.


I’ll believe Trump before I believe some swabby named Yukata Katada

You’re no better than a Democrat, declaring that Trump committed a crime without a shred of evidence. Should we call you Mr. Pelosi?

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