James Mattis: Joe Biden Must Eliminate ‘America First’ from U.S. Foreign Policy

Can we all agree that Mad Dog Mattis was nothing more than a sniveling little bitch who was against Trump from day one?

This clown should have never been a part of the Trump administration to begin with.

Mattis was the worst Trump hire.

Yes sir! We can!

He betrayed the Marines oath when he admitted to pursuing an agenda to betray our president! He is nothing more than a self licking ice cream cone looking to profit off the R&D industry. He should be facing a firing squad for his treasonous acts!

He proved himself a cuck - I had that feeling when he claimed he didnt like that nickname

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I’m ashamed to say that I fell for the Mad Dog Mattis meme.

What is wrong with America 1st!!! Does Communist China put any othrr country ahead of them???

He is apparently a globalist disguised as a patriot. Like so many that have pretended to be all about MAGA they are really just deep state trash.

I’m well aware the US government has not been “America first” in many decades and perhaps over a century. What makes the Biden situation unique is they’re dropping their masquerade of being about America. Now they are just giving orders and don’t give a shit about looking credible anymore. A serious person would have been already willing to rebel on the first point but it’s the second point that will drive many more over the edge.

Previously they could have called rebels unpatriotic because they maintained the illusion of legitimacy. Now that they’re no longer making the effort to do that this attempt at gaslighting will fall on deaf ears.

Mattis is America first…He’s just of the opinion that it should be pursued but not spoken. That is quite logical…

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