Jailed for Interviewing a Gay

More from the religion of peace and tolerance.

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The ever so tolerant religion of permanent offence. It brings such cultural enlightenment to Western cultures ………………….NOT

So it’s illegal to be gay, but ok to be a paedo.

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At first I thought this was about Christianity. Couldn’t tell from the headline.

In Afghanistan, they have a saying, “Girls are for babies, boys are for fun.”

They also habitually gang rape dudes as “punishment” for misdemeanor crimes, usually on Thursdays.


It can’t be paedophilia when you following the prophets example (married a six year old and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old)

What about goats? :thinking:

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The Afghans prefer the booty sheep.


This is not a photoshop of their hinds. lol