Jacinda Arder and the Nobel Peace Prize?

How ridiculous can you be, unless your name is Obama. She is up for the Noble Prize for the way she handled the Christ Church Murders. She was only doing he job! I guess if one of those Masques goers had spred his checks and said kiss my rose bud, she would of done that too!
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Really? This transvestite is nothing but a virtue signalling gun grabber who wants her country dominated by Islam. Shame on the Nobel organization for even considering this shameful excuse for a woman and a leader.

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The Nobel Peace prize is a joke. Considering they gave it to Obama, for just having a bit of a tan…

Why not…? Go ahead and give it to this clown.

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Way to diminish the value of this prize and ruin it for those of the past that really earned it. It’s another way the left goes about bullying a society to go along with their nonsense.



It’s simply now a woke award, awarded by the woke left. Of the left and to the left. Has been rendered meaningless. If a selected virtue signalling PM can get it, then so can a lottery winner.

I’ve seen quite a few videos out there of that baby elephant trunk flopping around. That’s a man, baby!

Is she trans?

Mix that with gun-grabbing, and it’s pure candy to the Nobel panel.