I've Just been kicked off of YouTube

Just received a message from YouTube informing me I have been banned for telling Muslims that attacking people over cartoons and even murdering them over cartoons is bad logic and will only results in more hostilities between communities and ultimately it is circular logic because if they are justified in attacking other people over a cartoons there will be revenge attack resulting in more violence in the comment that got me deleted I even said I do not condone or advocates violent

Muslim are becoming a new protected class similar to ■■■■

Rick that is old news! Leftist have long ago carved a special status for the religion of peace. I have also been kicked out of a serious religious forum. My sin was quoting from the Koran and Hadith. So much for free speech.


It shouldn’t make you a pro-Muslim or anti-Muslim.

Just like quoting from the Talmud doesn’t make you a friend of ■■■ s or enemy of ■■■ s, although the Talmud says that any non-■■■ reading it should be killed.

Why are certain words being blurred out here now???

I wasn’t even trying to debate these fools I was trying to help them see sense also they came onto a Christian channel I haven’t gone to an Islamic channel to argue with people

I surmise that in order to maintain the appearance of political correctness some words and expressions are being censored to appease the internet regulators. Just a guess.

Are you surprised by any of this?

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Maybe I’m a little bit naive but to be banned for what I said was shocking but after the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and with the Islamic world outrage YouTube have definitely had a discussion and decided in a current environment they will have a zero tolerance policy on imaginary islamophobia

This will further exaggerate and accelerate the problems we are facing

Was this on a video or stream you did, or was this comments you made in comment section?

You didn’t show any decapitation imagery.

Just in the comment section

Appeal it. maybe it was an algorithm and a human looking at ir will see you did nothing wrong.

How you know the truth is being told?

Facebook blocks it, Twitter deletes it, Instagram flags it and YouTube bans it.


I didn’t bother doing that I’m just using a different account

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Get on bitchute and stop giving YouTube clicks.

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You were kicked off of YouTube because you were sharing racist and bigoted commentary. Hate has no place anywhere. I’m glad YouTube banned you.

YouTube is a private company and can do whatever it wants to. If you don’t like it then go build your own YouTube.

I am on Bitchute however they don’t have as much content there but Sargon of Akkad does release videos that he doesn’t on YouTube hopefully their platform grows but they need more mainstream creators to post videos thier most of the things I watch on YouTube are sports-related and you will not find them elsewhere

Oh no I am so triggered the fat loner that lives at his mum’s house that pretends to be a woman online has found my weak spots talking nonsense to me online whatever will I do next maybe I need a stress ball to demolish in a similar way strangers behave towards your private areas

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That “he” is a “she” that goes by “they/them” :rofl:

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Yes - put your hate, sexism, racism, misogyny, and sexism out there for all to see.

I’m not a disgusting male either.

You said “sexism” twice. Freudian slippers


Show bobs and vagene.