Ivanka Trump G20 Cringe

Holy shit Ivanka Trump is so cringe worthy. Why did Trump make her the representative of the US at the G20 summit? We are not sending our best. Honestly this video just made me realize how retarded Trump is for having Ivanka and Jared as his most trusted advisors, they are both literally kids with no experience or understanding.

In this video Ivanka is trying to get into the circle with Macron, Trudeau, May and Legarde and every time she tries to talk they all just look at her like she is a absolute retard.

I want Trump to do well so bad, I’ve been supporting him but some of these dumbass moves like giving Ivanka and Jared so much influence, and choosing Bolton among other mistakes, I just dont get what he is thinking.

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I didn’t mind her delivering stump speeches for Trump during the campaign. She’s not bad to look at despite her plastic tits and facial reconstruction. That being said, she is an absolute box of rocks and has no business being anywhere near the decision makers of the world.

Stop focusing on stupid shit like this and pay more attention to the substance of the meeting! Did you miss what happened with Trump making history in North Korea today? Probably because this stuff has got you preoccupied when it means nothing!

That’s not the topic of this thread though.

Maybe she should get a few tips from Chelsea. Social graces & all that. I guess she wasn’t fortunate enough to have a classy mother like Hillary.

Does anyone actually think that she should be at these places though? Maybe she’s good with Trump business related stuff but to be fair if any of Obama’s daughters were caught doing this shit we all would be pissed off.

You must be able to approach situations with tact. Be able to read the atmosphere & be able to weigh your input. If you’re not comfortable, well, when in doubt, DON’T DEAL.

Chelsea is like her mom…a greedy bitch with an ego the size of Uranus. Oh wait, that’s an insult on a planet…my bad.

I’m sure if Malia Obama were taken to these events when President Obama was in office there would have been tea party riots in the streets.

Although if Malia Obama had actually gone to some of these events I’m sure she would have been well received, articulate, and persuasive enough to ensure the policy goals and strategic objectives of the United States were achieved.

Instead we have the bimbo Ivanka strutting around being ignored.

Oh look who decided to show up to give his slanted biased views! Partisan hack much?

So much for your “quality over quantity” statement!

That is a good question, actually.

I’d look at it this way. Who has Trump been able to trust that isn’t ready to stab a knife into his back at the first opportunity.

Obama’s daughters are much too young and lead very sheltered lives so that isn’t even on the table.

A person may be “cringeworthy” but intent, loyalty and trustworthiness can act as quite a ballast, no?

So because Malia is black she’d be considered articulate.

Ivanka is articulate so the bar needs to be raised?

You sound like Biden.

Well I guess it takes a retard to know a retard, so I’ll have to take your word for it. :roll_eyes:

If Trump gave her instructions, she is more likely to follow his instructions than any of the other professional wonks. So as a representative of the POTUS, she’s fine.

Naa… there would not have been riots… no matter how much you fantasize about such protest in order to keep your victim status fresh.

Naaaa…if Malia would have attended it would have been great. I mean, you got the second mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean … and a nice-looking girl. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.

As a representative of Israel, she’s not.

I suspect Israel has it’s own people in mind.

I bet that chaps your ass, sparky.

Obama makes Ivanka look like a political genius.

At least she did not fly around the world to bow and apologize to every shitty world leader like little Barry did.

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