It's the UN that's meddling with US politics

The existence of UN troops south of the border has been talked about for years.
It’s a matter of time before they get on the American soil.
Their excuse?

The political melee in DC, perhaps. It’s out of control. (Dems like it that way.)

That doesn’t make it so though. Also, the blue hats aren’t usually battle trained “troops”.

That makes the situation worse.

Just like the American troops don’t hesitate to shoot at Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, etc., the UN troops don’t hesitate to shoot at American citizens.

The UN has meddled since day one. Shut it down, disband; and use the building as a deportation center.

LOL, this is a forum I should avoid…

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When did UN troops fire upon US troops?

My idea for the UN is for the USA to exit the UN and let the rest of the world own it.

As a parting gift, we could build an entire new UN complex – in Jerusalem. Let the UN keep peace there.

We could take the current UN complex (and it’s prime real estate) and make high-end condos out of it. Sell them off to recoup the building costs in Jerusalem. And then wipe our hands of the entire UN business forever.


I like the way you think! Excellent idea! Best one I heard all day!

No. You got it wrong. The idea is to shoot US civilians.

The UN in Jerusalem?
It’s a lot worse than the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The real estate of the UN in New York was donated by the Rockefellers. Go figure who owns the UN.

Talking about parting gift, the gift will be to humanity, after evil Israel, aka Gog and Magog, is disbanded.

Future Jerusalem should be a peaceful city for adherents of Islam, Judaism and Christians with equal rights.

Well when has that happened either???

We are afraid it’s going to happen.
When America goes belly-up, the rest of the free world will follow.

That’s pure bullshit.

There are no massive secret concentrations of UN troops on US or Mexican soil or anywhere else in this hemisphere.

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Brilliant strategy particularly since it is the UN that is responsible for the ongoing conflict between the Arabs and ■■■■■

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A lot of wishful thinking.

I’d rather give them a $100 voucher to open HQ in Bangladesh

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What’s the name of the small island nation that’s slowly sinking into the Pacific, supposedly?

There’s no rational reason to fear UN troops attacking US citizens.

I to have heard of untroops here in America .in the Midwest and California .

UN blue helmets are actually soldiers from member states, such peacekeepers remain members of their respective armed forces.

The UN does not have an army.