It's the Constitution

Tenderloin was a Broadway musical. It was in terrible trouble out of town. Created by the team that had an artistic and commercial hit the previous year, it was a follow-up to their Fiorello!. It too was about a man taking on the corrupt forces in NYC. But… The protagonist was no beloved larger than Fiorello, he was a minister taking on immorality. As Walter Kerr eventually put it, he wanted to ban all the production numbers. The bad guys and dolls were fun; the minister and his flock were boring. But out of town they worked ever so hard. Finally, the lyricist, the brilliant Sheldon Harnick (imho the best lyricist of all) point out all they were doing was washing garbage and what you’d get was only cleaner garbage.

That’s the Constitution. It entrenched slavery and perpetuates the racism that continues to make the US a shame of a nation. It perpetuates undemocratic ideas and is designed to create oligarchy and corruption.

A democracy (a representative democracy) is based on majority rule and minority rights. Rights includes the rights we consider to be human rights and those enshrined in bills of rights. But in this context, minority rights means the political minority has the right to seek to become the political majority at the next election. it requires a level playing field. Voting limitations, money, and gerrymandering all destroy the level playing field.

The US constitution fails on both - it is anti majoritarian and it does not guarantee a level playing field; in some cases, it makes sure the playing field is not level.

Bicameralism is undemocratic especially when the two houses are differently constituted and have different electoral calendars. It is easier to prevent legislation than pass legislation. Legislation can be about many things so that it is neutral ideologically.

The electoral system is undemocratic; the only democratic electoral system is proportional representation for a legislature and preferential voting for a single executive if there is not a parliamentary system which is, by the way, far more truly democratic than even a ‘fair’ presidential system as the latter requires two majorities for majority rule.

The constitution is really a squalid version of the English constitution of the 18th century without the hereditary principle. That English constitution is long gone in the UK, the other realms as well as all systems based on the Westminster model. (Note the Brexit shambles is the result of a truly split country combined with referenda being inconsistent with the constitution)

Where can one find good constitutions. Norway has the world’s second oldest written constitution - 1814. It has evolved and changed mightily since then as the king is ceremonial and no longer the Swedish monarch, the legislature is unicameral and elected by proportional representation and the awful clauses are long gone (such as the banning of ■■■■ in the kingdom - which was removed in 1848. The system is parliamentary.

Similar is Sweden, Denmark, Finland (recently evolved from a mixed presidential/parliamentary model), Iceland, New Zealand. etc.

The English abandoned impeachment as unworkable just a the pro-slavery reactionaries who wrote the constitution were adopting it. The notion, anyway, that impeachment means you cannot indict a sitting president is both nonsense historically and at odds with limited government and the rule of law.

To not seek to rid the nation of racism and adopt a democratic constitution is simply to spend time washing garbage.

I’d rather have the Constitution than all the sick, twisted people on the Left, their love of Arbitrary government, their love of Administrative Law over Common Law and their generosity with other people’s means at the proverbial point of a gun.

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What do you mean? Our government / democracy is not what you say it is. Think about it clearly, most countries have revised their constitutions in major ways or replaced them. Why is the US, which began with a terrible one to begin with, the exception?

Unless, the foundation of the nation is addressed and repaired, it is all hopeless.

It’s possible that we Americans are just stupid I guess or brainwashed or racist to the core.

Actually, our Constitution was brilliant. It’s the rest of the world that has gone wrong in emulating the first French Republic. Likewise, progressive trash have labored tirelessly to subvert and arrogate our Law so that they can make us more like the other countries you seem to like … well, they were all wrong too.

Let me point out that the Constitution has been amended, and it is not useful to look only at its origins.

BTW, the Constitution empowers Congress to set voting standards nationwide, and it has passed some laws on that, such as requiring the option of registering to vote (in federal elections) be made available when applying for a driver’s license. A willing Congress could indeed outlaw much voter suppression.

The great thing about America is that you are free to pack your shit and git.

Pick one of those European Social Utopians and buy a ticket.


For you, the verdict is easy - just stupid.

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