'It's not a baby': Pro-choice college student argues babies who survive abortions shouldn't get healthcare

Honk Honk!

“…the student insisted one more times that an abortion survivor is not a child in her mind.”

Another day in clown world :clown_face: where a baby that survives a botched abortion should just be left out unattended to die.

When do we end this?


If there was ever a reason for a higher power to abandon humanity, this is it. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for humanity to sink any lower.

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She said: Because it’s not a baby. Have a look; and remember, these are not babies. [

The Grantham Collection - Abortion Instruments and photos of …

](http://abortioninstruments.com/about_us.html) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God forgive us, but then,how can God forgive the unforgivable?

if I was a law maker and could legally do so that student would be hanging from a tree by her neck we do not need people like that in our society

With all of the big events going on I missed this thread.

After watching that video, if anyone ever argues with you about leftist indoctrination at our universities just show them this clip. It’s nauseating and insane.

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Isn’t this the same college that graduated Ocrasio-Cortex?

She went to Boston University, which at one point was a very good school.

One of libs’ important weapons is to change the lexicon. The definition of “baby” is targeted here.

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No different than adherents of slavery’s argument that slaves weren’t people.


  • They cant vote.
  • Giving them rights causes distress to their owners.
  • They arnt human.

Abortion - something ( thank God ) I do not have to live with; and if there is a judgment, something I do not have to answer for.

I hope there is room on Musks spaceship to Mars for her.