Italy elects Giorgia Meloni a Right Wing firebrand!

I don’t know the hell she’s saying but I’m crying! Lol
God bless Italy, Sweden, welcome back to the party. I hope 2024 we are cheering with you.


@here2bqueer how you doing this morning?

Italy has a long history of political instability, and the country has frequently shifted between left- and right-wing governments. In the past decade, Italy has been governed by a series of center-left coalition governments. However, these coalitions have often been unstable, and they have been unable to address the country’s deep economic problems. As a result, voters have become increasingly disillusioned with the political establishment. This has created an opening for right-wing populist parties, which have capitalized on anti-immigrant sentiment and calls for tougher law-and-order measures. In this recent election, these parties made significant gains, and it is now only a matter of time before Italy completely shifts back to the right politically.

More like immigrants are anti Italian natives. And they will pay

The people of Italy have had enough. For too long, they have watched as their country has been slowly but surely overrun by illegal alien criminals and corruption. They have seen their government do nothing to stop the spread of violence and lawlessness, and they are tired of waiting for change. It’s about time that Italians took their country back! Enough is enough. The time for talk is over. It’s time for action. It’s time for the people of Italy to take matters into their own hands and create the change that they so desperately need. No longer will they sit idly by and watch as their country crumbles around them. It’s time to take a stand and fight for what’s right. It’s about time that Italians took their country back!

I’m not sure of the geographical layout of Italy or Sweden , but in America ppl that want this type of immigration that can’t assimilate can avoid these areas… I wonder if the dumb ass lefties in Europe are growing tired because they can’t escape them

What makes you think that they are all lefties? Have you ever thought that the media portrays that to give the appearance of them all being lefties to justify their elections being stolen? I have lived and travelled extensively in Europe and outside of major cities, which are few and far between, the majority of the population is rooted in culture, family, and national identity - in both Eastern and Western Europe. Scandinavia and Northern Germany do get a bit weird, but they are the outliers.


Interesting factoid about Italy that no one knows. The state of Texas is older than the country of Italy in its current state.

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The headline would be “First Female Italian Prime Minister”

But since Giorgia Meloni ran on God, country, and family, they have to tear her down. This is why MSM is not only what they accuse others of being but downright evil for their smear propaganda campaign. They truly are the enemy of the people.

I don’t know the lay out of Europe. So you think they cheated … interesting…

You should have said “Scandinavia and the Netherlands.”