It was a suicide that led to looting

They are animals. What can I say?
Why did the guy shoot himself? Who knows.

Ghetto trash that own NOTHING , have NOTHING and are worth NOTHING !!!
Scum of the earth period .

We should all know by now that they will use any excuse in the book to start looting and rioting…and the police are being directed not to arrest any of them by their disgusting Democrat politicians.

Thrash and burn by the trash.

They have nothing to lose, so they’ll do anything for a REVOLUTION.

I’m still wondering why the guy shot himself when and where. He probably wanted people to believe (white) cops shot him.

I think he wanted his death to serve ONE purpose. A major riot.

Have you noticed the amount of money stupid whites give the families of these thugs ? George Floyd family received over $14,000,000 and a funeral with gold coffin and is famous in the black hood .

I think a lot of that money came from corporate sponsors.

What a waste of money.
It should be given to business owners whose businesses have been destroyed by the mob in the Dem cities.

And that is incentive for a dumb , shiftless , uneducated black trash to decide make his family millionaires and him a black hero .

Wendy’s, et tu?
What a disappointment.

I guess they figured out which side of their bread is buttered

Is dead.

His family capitalized on his death.

How much of those funds they receive did they funnel to charities?

Enough said. :wink:

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How much of those funds that they received did they pay taxes on?

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As for George Floyd, he died years ago in Texas.

Now I don’t know who’s telling the truth, but what bothers me is the following:

  1. Google is hiding it.
  2. Such information is brushed away a priori as false
  3. Nobody is giving a f