IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team

This is interesting, of course those of you here deserve to be skeptical, but as impeachment hearings are ramping up, I suspect from a man who hits back has something cooking, and its going to be juicy! A report just came out that Trump was seen meeting AG Barr where he called off his departure and assembled his entire staff and communications team. This could be nothing, but how often does the AG visit the oval office? Its certainly isn’t a social call, so speculation and suspicion is running high.

Oh and then there is this little story to hit the news wires simultaneously where another pedophile connected to Adam Schiff was arrested yesterday! Coincidence? Maybe, but the timing would be uncanny if it were just mere coincidence.

Stay Tuned! More to come soon!

It’s been “around the corner” since 2016. Wake me up when the cuffs start clinking.


Gateway Pundit is such clickbait trash.

Trump held a meeting that got delayed. So what? If anyone has ever been to a business meeting in their life they will know that sometimes meetings run long and other people get called into the meeting depending on the topic.

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I disagree! Gateway Pundit has published credible news. Also this is not any meeting, its a meeting with the AG. Come on man, with everything that is going on with impeachment, something is up, and this is no coincidence!

The AG is the head of the Justice department, a member of the cabinet, and a key figure in the Executive branch. Why is it so shocking to think that the President would hold a meeting with a member of his own cabinet?

Regardless, the Gateway Pundit is still clickbait trash.

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Do you remember the last time the AG was meeting Trump in the Oval Office?

Yeah? What do you base that opinion on? Do you have an example that you can provide that supports your opinion as being true, or is that just your general impression?

I’m not the keeper of the President’s schedule. There is a public schedule and a private schedule. I guess I’d have to sit there and dig through the public schedule, which I’m not going to do… and neither are you. So it’s fair to say both of us have the same level of knowledge on the subject.

Do you know the definition of clickbait? Gateway Pundit articles are notorious for their clickbait headlines and for articles that lack any depth at all. Here’s an example:

This is typical of a common article on Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft hears something on Fox news, he repeats what he heard verbatim as the article title, he repeats the article title in the article, sprinkles in a couple of opinions (three to five sentences max) then posts a video of the clip and a bunch of random tweets. He does this so he can spam your browser with tons of advertisements…hence, clickbait.

Also - the most frequent use of here at PB is on the Gateway Pundit site so Jim can’t have his clicks. Nearly everyone uses to share a GP article.

That is a presumption on your part!

You are cherry picking one story out of many, and in particular one author, which is fine. I have the same attitude towards Nolte at Brietbart News, that dosn’t mean the entire publication is trash or clickbait, so I am going to disagree with you on that one!

Not really. If you had the information, why not post it? You asked the question which implied you did not know. If you did know and were trying to play gotcha…then you were being intellectually dishonest.

You are assuming we have the same knowledge of the subject matter, and I made a truthful statement about your presumption. Unless you are a practicing lawyer like me, who has worked in DC then I won’t make such assumptions about your knowledge level. I already stated that the AG doesn’t meet with the President in his oval office very much, so yeah this is a big deal, something you seem to want to gloss over and mistaken it for a public schedule. I assure you there is no public schedule where the AG meets the president in his oval office on a regular basis and hasn’t made such appearances since he appeared to testify. Look it it up if you don’t believe me.


Nice! Like I said the skepticism is earned. So have it!

I think a lot of people are just tired of happening after happening without anything actually happening. I want to believe that the Trump administration is just going to lock all of these corrupt deep state scumbags up all in one shot, but I need to start managing my own expectations. It’s possible that the Trump administration will go out with a whimper instead of a bang…and then we are all fucked.

Yes you could be right, and I am hoping to God that you are wrong, because if the latter ends up coming to fruition, we are no longer a country of laws and once that happens the country will devolve into a failed state. IMO the future of the country is stake and this is one piece of the puzzle to fixing what is ailing it at present moment! Everyone is equal under the law, there are not two sets of standards in which one law applies to the elite class and another for the commoner and that is the point of why most people feel the way you do, because nothing has been done yet to hold those who broke the law accountable and I am pretty sure that you know how long that list is!

In my view Trump lost a lot of credibility on this when he didn’t move to lock up Hillary Clinton.

The first rally after his election, before he was even inaugurated, when rally goers started chanting “lock her up”, Trump said no no, that was just for the campaign, we don’t care about that now.

For Trump, it was always bullshit he encouraged to get the red hatter vote. He never had any intention in locking her up, the red hatter was used…

I don’t think the Democrats will pay a price for their blatant lawlessness

I think it’s working, they have more than half the country in a psychotic frenzy who think Trump is Literally Hitler and will support any kind of lawless trick needed to stop him

I mean, who wouldn’t break a few laws to stop Ultimate Evil?

you’d be a terrible person if you wouldn’t

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Not only will they not pay a price, they’ll be rewarded for their uncivil behavior. It’s not like any of them have kids who are going to pay the price anyway…

Some people truly are above the law. And to think, about two hundred years ago we SHOT the people who thought they were above the law.

There is always a price to be paid! No one controls the moral arbiter of Karma and it prevails eventually to balance things out! History is peaceful the future is violent!