It is not socialist to think?

The Senator is correct, it’s not socialist or communist to want these things. However, the plans to achieve these goals are. And that’s where the problems lie.

Brian Schatz ‏Verified account @ brianschatz Mar 8

It is not socialist to think that college and healthcare should be affordable and that we should take action on climate. It is not communist to try to get high-frequency traders or big pharma or big tech under control. It is, in fact, a logical response to what’s happening.

The Senator is failing to understand why people are gravitating to socialism at the moment. Answer? Because it is currently hip and cool. In reality, few are really invested in it, even fewer have it in them to become ideologues. Would they really stay interventionists or communists if they had capitalism as an alternative? I doubt it. They remain as they are because there is a full-on blackout of compelling capitalist topoi in academics and the media. The capitalists that do reach prominence are men like Nozick or Milton Friedman, who are frankly boring. Almost no one has heard of von Mises, but the ones that have either admire him and his system, or they feel threatened by him. Threatened why? Because he’s the strongest opposition they could possibly face, and they know it. They are right to do so. Commies may have a majority now, but that majority would quickly defect if it were faced with von Mises, or similarly convincing and inspiring persons.

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Excellent post @LibertarianRage and welcome.


To add to @LibertarianRage’s post - We also must answer the question as to why capitalism continues to lose the ideological battle - in my view it’s because we never actually had capitalism in human history. This is the first time and people believe we achieved all this prosperity thanks to science and progress. I was one of them. I even got my bias confirmed, since I studied philosophy in college and that’s how they explain prosperity. One day, Galileo and Bacone woke up and invented science and so everything became science and progress. Not a single word on how you can make science if you can’t have private property to experiment and then start producing shit based on available resources.

But that’s not it.

People who get a degree in economics also don’t know shit about economics. Just by listening to podcasts I probably have more hours of economic knowledge built up than the average graduate. All the people I’ve met that studied economics, they don’t give a shit about it. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it is. Nobody knows shit about the Austrian school, the Chicago school, etc. Sometimes, some ■■■■■■ knows who Keynes is or has heard of Krugman. When they teach macroeconomics, they always make the example of the lake, where one guy gets a lot of fish and the other none, which also results in fish extinction and implies that we need State regulation (no words on having the lake owned by someone who then decide who can fish and who can’t).

Honestly I could write all day about why we’re in the shit: the ■■■■■ State-funded education, lack of hierarchies, race, women voting, crony-capitalism, the State giving away loan and privileges, closed professions, etc etc.

In the end none of it matters. The simple explanation is that capitalism has been a great gift from Western Civilization, but it’s not something that humanity can hold on to and maintain long term. It never happened, it never will.

Yes, we should try to make a last stand, but it’s gonna be difficult. My only hope is that while I was naturally inclined towards liberty, I never understood the economics behind it as well as I do now. If I can change, so can other people.


The Senator is correct, it’s not socialist or communist to want these free things, but plain old laziness, incompetence, greed and envy.

I think people fantasize about socialism because this generation feels entitled. Most of them have been given things on a silver platter without having to earn them. Parents spoiled their kids which now are young adults.

millenials are such hypocrites, they whine about fairness, inequality , free this , free that and how socialism is the great equalizer.

well its easy to criticize as your living at your parents place with limited responsibility and technology at your feet.

I say ask your parents to send you to venezuela for a month and live on 2 american dollars a day, and lets see what you think of centrally planned governments advocating socialism is the key to prosperity and equality

Someone needs to educate the youth that marxism, Communism, socialism and now democratic socialism is a terrible concept.

Unfortunately with government intention in loans, costs have accelerated. Get government out of education and quality improves, costs are reduced. I find it interesting that some think everyone should go to college when the reality is some should attend college while others should get a job.

Once again government intervention is everything.
Think all the mandated free services are really free?
Built into the cost of premiums.
Think all those lawsuits don’t raise the cost of healthcare?
Think government regulations are not costly?
Think the FDA approval process for drugs isn’t costly?
Think FAT/OBESE Americans do not contribute a huge amount to the cost of healthcare?
The list of reasons healthcare costs are escalating is endless and most center around government and fat ass americans.

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Get the Federal out of education funding (not just higher education) among the several States, no delegate power for it anyway, and the social “science” programs (especially anything containing the word “studies”) would wither amid much outcry and predictions of doom and gloom … and then the world could start to be a better place than with the constant Leftist bile those have been spewing forth.

Get the Federal out of providing health care for people just because they are there, completely apart from present or prior employment/service to the federal, and they also stop having a pretense to say it is any of their concern if people are fat.

Same with the States.

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Basically, what you are saying is they need to pull their heads out of their spoiled rotten asses and get a nice dose of reality as to what the real world, outside of their narcissistic, sheltered world is.

Those same “parents” wouldn’t have the guts to send them to Venezuela without an American Express Black Card.

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I think we should also send the parents there for a week and let them live on 2 american dollars a day

A week isn’t long enough. A year would do the trick as it would take at least that long for it to really sink in.

But, I get your point and I agree with it. Unfortunately, the coddling is in and the personal responsibility is out. Doesn’t take too long for that to be a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been through a few hurricanes here that have knocked out power for days if not weeks. There is absolutely nothing to give you a reality check when you have no power, no gas stations, no grocery stores and all you have in your refrigerator/freezer is rotting away. Neighbors come together but society breaks down quickly.

Taking for granted all that we have in this country is a grave mistake.


A week without their soy latte , their grapefruit scented bath imported from some socialist compound and no hot water will for sure make them make a beeline the closest Airport.

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Eh, you know Max, I’ve been pretty grateful for the experience.

It is a good thing to understand through hardship what exactly your future and the future of your family can be if you don’t learn self-reliance.

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I hear you DMK, Ive been fortunate enough to visit a lot of countries including Mainland China, and I got to see real poverty, I got to see it in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand and such.

You definitely appreciate what America is and has .

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IMHO, it’s largely due to lack of sufficient education in political history (socialism has NEVER worked anywhere) and their narcissism (“nothing significant happened before we were born”) that allows socialism to look good to them.

Most of them likely do not realize that capitalism is what gave their parents the wherewithal to give them all of the things they now expect for free after their parents die off.

My parents gave me more than I deserved, but they also taught me to work for a living and to be generous with any excess I may acquire. Thanks to capitalism, I have been able to give away more in my lifetime than most people on earth will ever earn.


The key is you were taught to work for a living and to appreciate the excess you acquired.

Many today are not taught to work for it. They just “deserve it”. This is the pull towards socialism.

No one seems to get there is no free lunch. No up without a down.

So you want a “free degree”? Great, be prepared to give up the freedom to pursue the degree you want. Be prepared to be tested and slotted for what your affinities are, like it or not.

part of the problem is the marxists that infiltrated the 60’s education , all those acid tripping, free love, anti war , anti american beatniks are today’s professors and teachers, and they still preach this marxist nonsense and now the kids of today are embracing it

They dont realize that because of their entitlement mentality is the reason why they are having difficulties in life

I thank God there are conservative kids from Conservative right wing parents that are teaching their kids the virtue of hard work and ambition.

What we will in the next generation is a larger inequality gap as most of the snowflakes when they graduate with their transgender dance history degrees and cant find jobs , the conservative kids who were picked on, assaulted, threatened, libeled are the next rich generation.

Control a countries education and you eventually control that country. There is a reason we dictated school curriculums in Germany and Japan after WWII.

All of these Politicians talking about their socialist programs are catering to people that don’t know the difference between Want and Need.

The only reason for a college grad to be unemployed is they can’t bring themselves to work a job that they think is below them. They all Want that perfect job and lost sight that for now all they Need is a job.