Israeli soldiers shoot bound, blindfolded Palestinian teen trying to flee

If you can dispute the numbers go right ahead.

What source would you use, the local Mullah?

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Hamas Daily, or Al Jazeera most likely.

Usually these “rockets” end up hitting empty desert and giving Israel or Netanyahu some sort of needed distraction or excuse to do whatever they want and say they are just defending themselves.

They must attempt to lead the international victimhood derby at all costs as Uncle Shlomo ensures this is very lucrative for them.

I don’t give a shit where they hit, the intent is to kill and maim Israelis and to keep them in constant fear.

Poor marksmanship and bad aim don’t change the equation.

If I pull out a pistol and fire it in your general direction whether it hits you, or hits a block away I’ve committed attempted murder.

Explosive ordnance does not have to hit a specific target to have the desired effect as a weapon of terror.

Israelis minimize casualties on their side by fortifying their homes, businesses, and by turning their schools into bunkers.

They have to live in constant fear from the rocket and mortar attacks which is exactly the intent of those launching them.


The question of the year, how do you know he was a teenager???