Israeli soldiers shoot bound, blindfolded Palestinian teen trying to flee

Islam is the new kid on the block. The ■■■■ were there first. Palestine is nothing but a geographic location that the Romans used.

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Amazing how many people will latch onto the propaganda film and take it at face value.

When you have a narrative to support, any assertion is good enough (if it supports the narrative.) :roll_eyes:


I blame it on the ignorance born of public education and prejudice. Never in history has a Nation of Palestine existed.

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Pay close attention, it’s not the palestinians shooting rockets into Israel but it’s palestinians hiding the terrorists and their rockets allowing them to fire them from schools and hospitals making them as culpable. Nifty peopl ethe palestinians.

Imagine if the palestinians just moved on instead of proving incidents so people like you whine and bitch about the Israeli’s.

You should feel manipulated which you are.

Actually they are one and the same. Remember the “Palestinian People” elected a terrorist organization in Gaza to be their political representatives.

The Peaceful Arabs live in harmony within Israel, not as separatists hell bent on the destruction of the ■■■■■■ State. Hamas on the other hand which Gazans elected is sworn to the destruction of Israel as part of their charter.

Funny how there are calls by some to shoot the “filthy illegals” coming into our country and outrage about Mexican soldiers detaining our soldiers on our side of the border but they go all mushy in a story like this.

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We live interesting times when people can enter the country illegally, live here and then be ordered to leave and disappear into our cities where they are protected by the cities.
Anyone can cross the border, the poor, the people seeking work and fortune, the people hauling drugs, people that will murder, people who will hurt our children, the people bent on terrorist activities yet some people could care less.

This country is based on the rule of law however some ignore the laws passed by the people sent to represent us.

Today they argue that illegals should be counted in our census but we shouldn’t know how many are in the US. I suspect the pro illegal group really don’t want anyone to know how many are in the US so they can maintain the 11 million facade of immigration.

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I think much of the native and leegal immigrant population would revolt if they knew how large the problem is and of course democrats are counting on the children of illegals creating a huge dependent permanent underclass to give them permanent power in the future.

If " the working man", and blacks ever figure out how badly they have been screwed by the democratic party democrats will have a hard time ever holding power locally again in most states and in the majority of states nationwide much less at the national level ever again.

Unfortunately the media is responsible for the cover up as they refuse to cover the reality of illegal immigration and nothing about the asylum problem we currently face.

With over 95% of them being democrats is it any wonder?

An effective way to control the narrative.

They are all terrorists

A big 10-4 on that…

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I hope every Israeli soldier kills every Palestinian terrorist piece of garbage on the planet.

The shooter needs to work on his skills.

The hell they can’t. You’re starring at bigoted hate and racism.

You know, if I lived in a teeny tiny country that was perpetually in mortal danger from these Muslim fanatics, I’d probably pop caps into their punkasses too. There’s a good chance that soldier had lots of family members killed by the Philistines, because Israel is that small.

You people, lardasses on your couches watching football in safety, never worrying about bombs hitting your homes, you have no idea what it is like to live daily under the threat of annihilation.

I hope that soldier shoots a million more of the Palestinian vermin.

No, you’re looking at an escaping felon who wasn’t killed.

You don’t get to try and kill or harm Israeli troops doing their job and get a free pass.

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The JVL keeps a pretty good annual tally on the rocket and mortar attacks launched from Gaza into Israel.


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Sounds like a really unbiased source too.