Israeli Official Blames American "Weakness" For China's Iran-Saudi Deal

In case you missed it, this past Friday (March, 10th 2023) China was able to broker a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Why is this a big deal? Well for starters Iran and Saudi Arabia have been sworn enemies for a time can remember and the fact that the old hegemonic guards are upset is telling on another front.

The are two ways at looking at this latest development:

  1. China is the adult in the room and is stepping up to actually broker peace deals that will bring more stability to the region and the rest of the world where the US has failed under the current administration.

  2. China has ulterior motives by swooping in with their influence to push out US interests in the region and forming a more robust alliance against the west.

With the link article below, suggests that the old hegemony of US and Israel interests view this as a threat when it comes to strategic alliances and may use this as a precipice to instigate a confrontation with China as encroachment on turf to which the US has invested in with both lives and money is the affront that China is perpetrating. The hopeful way is that China is actually trying to foster and promote more conversations to peaceful settlements than give in to dangerous rhetoric leading to war. Either way, in the longer term perspective the US is losing their influence in a region they have long been involved with starting with J P Getty’s oil exploitation in the 1940’s and has had a controlling interest for many years including a military base in the very exclusive country. What this will mean going forward as China is forging such relationships is a big unknown at this point, but this is something to keep an eye on as 2024 presidential elections approach, and Israel starts more sabre rattling by claiming they are being walled in.

12/09/2022 China and Saudi Arabia are close and strategic allies, with the relationship getting significantly warmer between the two. [6] In a 2015 public opinion poll, 61.3% of Saudi Arabians expressed a favorable view of China, with 34.2% being very favorable, while only 28.5% were unfavorable. China and Saudi Arabia expressed aligned policies on a range of areas from security to oil in a joint statement, adding they will support each other while not interfering in each others business. China is Saudi Arabia’s top economic trading partner because China is the biggest importer of Saudi oil.

Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the US has become strained in recent years, while China’s standing has risen. Unlike Washington, Beijing has shown an ability to transcend the many rivalries that criss-cross the Middle East. China has forged good diplomatic relations with countries across the region, driven by strengthening economic ties, without the Western lectures on human rights.

Sounds about right. China is about to become the new hegemonic power displacing the west in many aspects namely economic ones. One thing I liked about Trump was his foreign policy, such as his approach to being “economic security is national security mantra” as evidenced with the Abrams Accord that he was able to successfully broker. Of course that is becoming moot with this administration fking everything up and undoing a lot of what Trump did in terms of the partnerships he was trying to forge especially with the ME Saudi and India.