Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson set by Jewish Settlers

For decades, Israel would always victim-blame and accuse the Palestinians of setting fire to their own land and trees.

Finally the illegal ■■■■■■ occupiers have been caught on video committing arson after they blamed and attacked the Palestinians for it.

Why must they always scream out in pain as they strike you?


lol are they even capable of doing anything other than lying or false flagging?

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This is how they justify their constant expansion into territory they have no business being in. Magically the borders of Israel just keep growing and growing as a result of the settlements. When these fake attacks occur the Israelis use them to justify a response of overwhelming force. Just part and parcel.

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They constantly need to be the perpetual victims. Otherwise their actions would never be justified.

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So do you think this means that Palestinians are not committing arson and other crimes?

Israel hasn’t taken any ground since 73. The only ground they occupy is ground that was used to attack them.

Only an idiot gives back land they’ve paid for in blood and would have to pay for in blood again.

That people commit hoax crimes for their own benefit is nothing new and certainly not a big issue in Israel.

For some people there are benefits in being a victim, nothing new there either.

Israhell is pure trash…



Your cited piece is pure trash written by terrorist sympathizers and enablers.

Yep, in another blow to any possible peace, Netanyahu is planning West Bank annexation.

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I don’t think so. That is a fairly accurate portrayal of how pro-Israel communications work. Want proof? 90% of your posts here follow this exact model.

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Thanks for proving the point of my post.

Hamas lies. Hamas wants no peace. Hamas wants the end of Israel. Nice overview from last year.

Hamas lies? ■■■■ got caught on tape burning shit down and it was reported by a ■■■■■■ newspaper.

No one was caught on tape except goat fucking actors from Hamas.

Typical production of little clips by Hamas designed to fool the public… or at least the morons in the public… which is a large segment of the anti-israel contingent of Palestinians.

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So you believe ■■■■ now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… :slight_smile:
“A ■■■ told me ■■■■ are bad so it must be true”

Hilarious logic.

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So your argument is that because ■■■■ reported on this that it can’t possibly be true? That doesn’t even make any sense and only works to further reinforce our argument that they are shysters and will lie with every breath.

Once upon a time, a ■■■ said “■■■■ always lie”.

It is recorded that 3000 Palestinians were admitted to psyche wards the very day that was reported. Typical reports were that the victims were heard saying this over and over.

"Duh… da ■■■ says day lie. Huh huh huh. Wa wa wait…Now wait a minut. He a ■■■ so he must be lying. But that means ■■■■ dont always lie. Duh… wa… I’m confused. Where is Puckers my goat? Mama! "

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Don’t hurt yourself with that logic.

That’s a NYT opinion piece from 2018.

That has absolutely nothing to do with the OP. Suggesting that it does is simply being intellectually dishonest.