Israel was known as the gay capital of the world. Guess what

I don’t have the Talmud here with me but the basic tenet of the Pharisee teaching is that they are at war with people(s) other than their own.

Besides, the Talmud says any goy (non-Joo) who reads the Talmud must be killed, so it’s safer not to have it.

I know a guy who was gifted with the whole tomes (of the Talmud) and he slept in the same room. Very soon he became very ill and had to be hospitalized.

You might ask: There are millions of rabbis who have the Talmud in their homes and read it every day. How come they don’t get sick?

I guess their being, physical and spiritual, is already attuned to demonic vibrations.

You can’t bother to use your brain so you resort to calling everyone here a racist? You sound like dyed in the wool leftist!

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Good leftists today are standing for the Palestinians. LOL

Interesting. As I said earlier… I lived my whole life thinking J ews were J ews. I’m learning a lot from this thread. How many different factions of J ews are there… and what do they believe?

Around the time of Jesus, there were a few sects.
[■■■■■■ sects flowchart - Bing images]

As you see in the chart, the Pharisees of 2000 years ago developed into various “sects” of Judaism today.

The Pharisee teachings consisted of oral traditions passed from one Pharisee elder (rabbi) to another, but eventually they had to be written down as they grew. And these oral traditions gave rise to the Jerusalem Talmud and Babylonian Talmud which is more substantial.

The Babylonian Talmud George Bush Jr. has in his right hand is a concise, doctored version translated into English.

[George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor]

The Pharisee sects believe that there will come two Jooish messiahs (Son of Joseph and Son of David); the latter will lead all Joos to the Holy Land, build the Temple in Jerusalem and let Joos rule over the entire world. (Until then, the secret wars against non-Joos must go on)