Israel uses American weapon to hit hospital (again) and kills 500

Be it the Hamas or Islamic Jihad, their missiles are home-made. They cannot do such as damage to destroy an entire hospital. It was an American weapon in the wrong hands, killing 500 innocent people and injuring another 500. Blood on the hands of Americans? I don’t know. You tell me.

Israel hit hospitals in the past. Israel has been blackmailing Palestinian doctors, nursing and patiens to get out of northern Gaza (or else). And now this.

Russian Airfields Hit by US ATACMs, ATACMS Sent are Handful of Old Model with Shorter Range & Cluster Munition Warhead, US Military-Industrial Production Can’t Arm Both Ukraine & Israel, more… (

Israel has ZERO respect for human life or for human dignity.

Although Putin did not say who committed this horrendous war crime, China was clear on this: “Israel is acting beyond the scope of self-defense.”

Right. Israel has no moral compunction. Satanist Israel is fighting humanity.

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Good grief, leftists swallow propoganda like free beer on a hot day. Daily Telegraph on this very topic.
Three clues the Ahli Arab Hospital strike came from Gaza (


Biden said while in Israel that “the other team” did it.

I can’t wait for the guy to disappear from my TV / PC screen

Didn’t Ukraine launch a missile against a city (Konstantinovka) in the Donbass still under their control, killing a bunch of civilains at the time of Blinken visit and blamed Russia. Only weeks later, the western media admitted that it was Ukraine who committed the crime.

Does Biden visit to Israel have a similar reason? I don’t know.

You must be DRUNK on rhe Liberal Kool.Aide.It had been proven BEYOUND DOUBT the missile was launched by ISLAMIC JIHAD. The ANTI - ISRAEL Liberal MSM play this up to gain SYMPATHY for these Muslim Extremist groups that have an ABSOLUTE NO REGARD for life. Israel has ALWAYS tried to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties where ever possible. How ever somtimes it isnt possible.

Exactly , and you are correct Israel has no respect for human life . When you place 2 million Palestinians in a concentration camp and murder those that oppose your evil ways humans will rebel .

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Genocide is being promoted.

I’m getting cynical about the whole situation.

I’m hoping now that Israel makes an incursion into northern Gaza, and suffers severe losses, while the Israeli offensive is met with the Hezbollah making a move from Lebanon in the north.

Of course such a military action causes many Palestinian casualties, but at present, Israel is dropping one thousand bombs a day on civilian areas, so what’s the freaking difference?

Many Israelis get scared and leave the country, never to return. And eventually, this Zionist “experiment” called the State of Israel is written off in history books as a failure after its disappearance.

The hospital wasn’t hit by a jihadist rocket misfire. It hit the parking lot & 500 people did not die. Will the blood thirsty, Israel hating media retract their story. Or will they sweep that whole parking lot thing under the rug to protect Hamas?

The argument (that denies the Israeli bomb narrative) claims, Look! there’s no crater.

Nonetheless, I hear from weapons specialists that there are now bombs that explode mid-air and cause buildings to collapse.

I knew this story was fishy and I am not one for coming out in support of Israel but the MSM really messed this one up.

That is PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT!!! It has been PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT that it was an Islamic Jihad missile that misfired.
Why dont all the ISRAELI HATERS here BITCH up a storm about why Hamas FAILS to meet with Israel desplte the many chances offered to reach an agreement.
I have a better chance of seeing OJ admit to killing his ex wife and Ron Goldman.( JOOISH NAME.).and PORK being served in Israeli restaraunts before that happens. Any JOOISH HATERS haters here praise OJ for killing one of them???

The bombing of the hospital in Gaza is in accordance with the same old tactics Israel employed during its “war of independence” in 1948.

You send a small group of soldiers to some Arab villages, and let them commit a massacre. Then you BROADCAST it, so that the Arabs throughout Palestine get scared and flee, abandoning their villages.

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Israel attacks Greek Orthodox church in Gaza killing some people who took refuge there.

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You are so full of shit and hatred that your eyes are brown!

Hamas caused the explosion in the the hospital parking lot and there were not anywhere near 500 deaths.

Go fuck a snake, you reptilian asshole!

YOU GOT IT RIGHT!!! Its past time these SAVAGES receive their " JUST REWARD " !!!

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Were you there or are you taking the word of the fake news again ? How much more Palestinian land does Israel have to gobble up before you see how money and land hungry the jooos are ? And there are salvages on both sides , both sides killed women and children . Take a history lesson .

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Plenty of news media sources on You Tube reported the same conclusion

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Would you agree the Brits have certain amount of responsiblity regarding the Palastinian Jooish problem???

The Brits promised the Joos a country.
The Brits promised the Arabs a Palestinian state.

Actually it was the Rotshcilds who have ruled Britain since the beginning of the 19th century. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers under various guises own well over 50%, perhaps close to 100% of the Fed shares. (Remember, it’s a private bank).

Deceive, divide, and conquer from the get-go.

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