Isn't Mulit-Culturalism Great?

For all the whining Liberals do on environmentalism and Animal rights, this story is being ignored. Where are all the liberals to cry foul on this story? Nowhere to be found and indicative of the double standards they regularly practice! Good on this kid for fighting for the geese. The sad part is these degenerates will probably not be faced with any criminal repercussions due to being a protected class in Canada!

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Third world people bring third world problems. We have standards. They don’t. These people would eat their young if they were hungry enough.

Did you hear? Trudeau was waiting to help out plucking the feathers!

They didn’t sound like they were in Canada. That sounded more like Los Angeles. Heavy spanglish accent.

What kind of mongrels were those anyway?

These people don’t care to understand how things work here in the western world. They take advantage of our civilized and calm nature. The only way we are ever going to fix this problem (before we deport ALL OF THEM) is by treating them how they are used to being treated when they do something wrong or commit a crime back in their shithole. If they need to be publicly beat with sticks and rocks then so be it.

Why don’t you be the first one casting a stone Margie…