Islamist terrorism suspects arrested in raids across Denmark

“A Danish court this year gave a Syrian asylum seeker in Sweden a 12-year prison sentence for planning to plant one or more bombs in Copenhagen and stab random people with kitchen knives. Moyed al-Zoebi, 32, acted on behalf of Islamic State, according to the Copenhagen city court.”

Looks like Scandinavia has been chosen as the new caliphate? Oh well - que sera sera?

I’ve just noticed this:

“Detainees suspected to be ‘driven by a militant, Islamist motive’, say authorities”

No, really?? Well who’d believe it? Jesus it’d be hilarious were it not so ominous.

Danes arrest them.
Swedes give them citizenship.

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Here’s where Europe messed up. They treat terrorists the same way they treat criminals. They aren’t the same at all. People in the US complain about GITMO. I think it’s the best thing ever. We don’t want terrorists mixing amongst our common criminals. That just creates more terrorists. When Europeans manage to find their backbone again, they should seriously consider building their own GITMO.

In a lot of cases they don’t even treat them as criminals. They simply give them a pat on the back, a welfare check, and they release them out into the public. It’s insane. Once they start giving them passports it’s all over.


Allahu is apparently not akbar in Copenhagen :rofl:

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When 85% of the Euro-populations are liberal/Left-leaning then there’s bugger all the other 15% can do about it: if they try, they’re accused of bigotry, or being racists. But it doesn’t matter now - the horse has already bolted.

The Danes are much smarter than the Swedes for putting the bomber in jail.At least their Judicial System isn’t coddling them. Will Macronaroni and the Hasfrau beg for his release and offer him citizenship.