ISLAMIC ATTACK...What really happened in Oldham?..Watch and see!

Courtesy of Jen in the Rabbit Hole, here is a video showing what happened to a peaceful political rally when the Muslims showed up.

Notice the fake news headlines in the British press.

VOTE FOR TOMMY on May 23rd…

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The enemy within (police) facilitated the Islamic assault on the indigenous residents of Oldham. They will be held accountable one day.


Tommy! A rabble rouser. I’d vote for him!

Tommy is an independent MEP candidate in the north west. I can’t vote for him because I am not in the north west, but I will be voting for the Brexit Party. :wink:


The enemy within is not the police. It is the leftists. THEY will ruin any policeman who stands up against the invasion by Islamists.

Surely the cops know what’s going on but need a job.

My thoughts too.

As for the police “escort” were they really there to protect the Muslim marchers or to protect those around them as they were marching?

The marchers were not a peaceable assembly, nor would you necessarily expect them to be, but until they did something you might not know for sure where they would cross a line.

I’m not discounting the possibility that the police were directed by others in ways supporting the Muslims, as Britian’s elites seem to be in fear of Muslims even as they seem to keep hoping they can still make nice with the heathens.

If you ask me, the police deliberately allowed the ‘counter-protesters’ to get as close as possible to Tommy’s event, so the media could associate the violence to Tommy directly and as an excuse to shut-down the event.

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I’m sure this isn’t going to end in some kind of civil war or something…:clown_face:

I think I heard in the video that the police led the protestors to the site.

You heard correctly. British police escorted this horde of 300 masked terrorists to a peaceful political campaign rally to throw bricks and bottles at women and children. Let’s face it, Britain has become tyrannical and the citizens need to step up.

It may. If so, only the police and the Muslims will be allowed to carry firearms.

Yes, but they need something more than rocks to throw at the enemy.

I think it’s time to use their tactics against them. Start by doxing every police officer that just stood there, and did nothing to stop this.

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When the government, the Chief Constables and the press side with the Muslims, doxing the beat Bobbies will likely do very little toward a solution.

My advise for Brits is close the door…send those responsible packing and start having more babies. They need a baby boom.

That’s my two cents worth.

The citizens may want to do this, but the government wouldn’t think of it. The government is too busy kissing Muslim ass.

Never give up guns in your country. You never know when you will be forced to protect yourself against the government.

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Oh is that what they are for? When you listen to the left they say that guns are only for hunting.

In reality, the citizenry should have the same armaments as the state.

For anyone who is unaware of Oldham, in the 1960s, it was 99% white British. This video is from Oldham council after the Ariana terror attack in Manchester - watch from 30 seconds has the official Council meeting is opened with Islamic prayer:

This is unprecedented in British politics. Prayer seldom exists in local and general Government and when it does, it is Anglican.


Look at those cucks bowing their heads to the chants of their invaders.