'Islam is right about women': Odd signs spark confusion in local Massachusetts town

The fact that they’re confused proves they know what Islam is about but they support it in spite of their better judgment. Like Trump’s offer to send illegals to sanctuary cities it clearly illustrates the left’s hypocrisy and willful intentional stupidity.


This is brilliant. Taking down “confusing” signs that promote Islam? How Islamophobic of these leftists.


It is brilliant. Everyone is confused about a positively worded statement, they think something is wrong but they are so unsure what. Is the statement right or wrong? They seem to want to say wrong but can’t.

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This is when liberals self destruct. They don’t know which way to go.



Islam is also right about homosexuality.


Unfortunately, I think what will happen is that the media will spin this by saying the message is based on the misunderstanding that Islam promotes the mistreatment of women. Maybe some will actually do their own research into the matter.

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The same people who say that we are guilty of hate speech for standing against the spread of Islam in this country are the same ones triggered by this sign.

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Men who are attracted to women clearly have feminine tastes and are therefore probably gay.


Liberals defend Islam but ignore the human rights issues regarding women and girls. It’s so hypocritical because women are treated as property not human. They need to be called out on it. Orthodox Muslims don’t believe in our laws. Under Sharia law, women dont have any rights.

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If the signs are correct, maybe Ilhan Omar’s husband should carry out his religious obligation.

I’ve been waiting a long time to see this dog biting it’s own tail! :rofl:

Why are they confused?? I thought they were all about the “freedom” wearing a hijab brings to women…:thinking: I suppose they are just waiting for Linda Sarsour to tell them what to say (after her husband tells her) :joy: :woozy_face: :crazy_face:

They also drive business to foreign countries who exploit workers and pollute exponentially more than we do.

They are the party of dumbass hypocrisy personified.

That Islam subjugates woman (females in general) is evidenced in the fact that they mutilate their genitals to preclude enjoyment of sex, require that they dress in full cover black sheets, refuse to let them drive, kill them if they “dishonor” the family, consider wives to be owned by husbands, et al.

Islam is lunacy.

They are mad because they are struggling to say this is wrong, even though they know it is.


Islam is right about women. They done have the whore and degeneracy problems that the West has.

And yet, the leftists welcome them with open arms even though they represent everything they supposedly stand against.

Who really are the lunatics in this equation?

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A channel on YouTube called (Zyntrax) has made a video about this it’s a compilation of the news reporting it and the public being interviewed about it I cannot post a link on my current device but it’s his last video a Muslim woman with her face covered said it’s free speech and everybody knows if it was a criticism of Islam she would have become anti free speech stuff like this is exposing the brainwashing that the general public is under

Female genital mutilation is practice predominantly by Muslims but it’s not part of Sharia law and I do not believe it in the Quran or hadith