ISIS Leader Gets 30 Years!

Hungary jails Syrian IS commander over imam beheading (
Former ISIS commander who chopped heads and killed just about anyone in his way will spend time in Jail. Unlike Sweden,The Hungarian courts threw the
book at him.

Throwing the book??? He should be died no if no buts

Bring back the rack and SLOWLY quarter his BUTT!!!

The point I was making…France,Sweden,Germany,Spain and Denmark pats you on the back and tells you to be a good boy.

Civilized countries got rid of the death penalty a long time ago.

I agree.Many years ago in Laos, I saw the aftermath of a summary execution of capture NVA soldiers. Not a pretty site.

If we are such a civilized country why do we allow abortions??? Thats murder of the innocent

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No they didn’t and you should start educating yourself on the facts instead of making dumb comments here all time!

Don’t bother with this ignorant dumb commie fk! He has no idea what the fk he is talking about most of the time!

Listen DUMDASS, how would you like your son to be circumcised by some ANAL ORIFICE Syrian as happened in Sweden and gets off with a fine and community service. Isn’t that real justice !!!