Is There Nowhere Free Left?

I have a more extreme definition of free, usually leaning toward near lawlessness. It pains me to say that in cursory and deep searches alike, there appears to be nowhere in the world where guns are wholly permitted. I had thought maybe Mexico for all you hear of it might be less restrictive, but on the surface it seems to be more so. Perhaps its un-enforcable, but if you should ever piss off the federales it could happen.

Pakistan in January this year banned automatics, it was the only country I knew of that allowed them. Even in the Middle East there’s permits required or hoops to jump through.

Is there no place where one can have whatever they want, walk with it freely and not be bothered? How long until every country and everywhere to run has a permit system? How long until America, which only through its deteriorating constitution and state decentralization has resisted, will have a registry and Real IDs?

Am I looking in the wrong places? Do I not understand? I don’t want to be an ear-tagged cow or slave. I don’t want to capitulate to and negotiate with people wielding unearned badges. I want to be free, and to accept the consequences to my safety of lacking a fence and a collar, not left with a delusional mural of permits and ‘rights’ to cover it up.


On paper, Alaska, Montana, and a few other places have passed local legislation that allows you to own NFA items unregistered as long as they’re manufactured in state, as in theory the feds should have no jurisdiction over something that happens completely in state. In practice, the only reason those laws are still on the books is that no one’s been ballsy enough to put them to the test. If this ever came up in court, the feds will just go COMMERCE CLAUSE LOL like they always do, and say they have jurisdiction anyways.

All that being said, Alaska and places like that have passed those laws because they have a very strong gun culture and a very low trust of the feds in general. So if there ever was a place to build a bunch of three hole lowers in Minecraft and hide them in your Football Manager 2019 house, along with select-fire FCGs from Arma III, those states would be the place to do it.


Montana sounds alright, maybe a cult would be the answer to changing the law. You basically have to build a rural compound if you want any chance at real change nowadays. Could I theoretically go to Alaska or Montana with zero identification as a mechanic and just do whatever? The weird part is I’m not even a criminal or planning anything, I just genuinely hate the idea of ‘identifying’ citizens like they’re cattle and restricting free people as if they’re potential criminals.


Do something like that and the federal government will go full Branch Davidian on your ass.

I guess you can go somewhere deep innawoods where nobody can find you, and you’ll be free to do and have whatever you want there.