Is the US ready for a war with China?

The US is being destroyed internally in the Biden shit show. How ready can a country be for a major war in such a situation?

Additionally, the age of invincible aircraft carriers is over.

30% of military electronics are produced and imported from China.

China, which has also become the main supplier of many of the rare earth minerals used by the United States, will be given special emphasis in the report, said the officials who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

A January analysis from the United States Geological Survey said the United States produced no rare earth minerals in 2017 while China accounted for 81 percent of global mine production. Rare earth minerals are used in magnets, radars and consumer electronics. Little has changed since 2017.

Aside from the risk that a foreign power could cut off vital supplies needed to keep the U.S. military up and running, other risks include the threat of sabotaged equipment or espionage.

The Pentagon has long fretted that “kill switches” could be embedded in transistors that could turn off sensitive U.S. systems in a conflict. U.S. intelligence officials also warned this year about the possibility China could use Chinese-made mobile phones and network equipment to spy on Americans.


This already was demonstrated with the USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain.

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The EU/NATO countries want to do business with China.
Make money, not war.

China has no intention of invading Taiwan.

The interview covers Ukraine unavoidably. Skip the first part if you’re not interested.

The US is not ready and probably will never be again.

In 1940s the Japanese were still building humongous warships which were already out of date.
Warfare had shifted to air supremacy.

The US is still relying on its naval power with huge aircraft carriers in the age of sophisticated missiles, including supersonic missiles which cannot be intercepted and will surely sink any ship, including aircraft carriers.

People at the Pentagon are not stupid and they already know this, but the top brass are ideologues who believe in the Obama doctrine of destroying our military along with our nation in order to usher in socialism and the age of digital slavery


754 military bases outside the country?
The US military bases, that is. And a few more in the Philippines.
What for?

China has nothing but people (1.4 billion of them) and its government has to feed them. That’s why China is interested in trade, business and prosperity. No more, no less.

What is the US interested in?
World hegemony through its military power, so that the owners of the Fed and their friends can enslave the world forever.

What’s the solution?
The American people realizing who has ruined the country at their expense and dealing with them.

And the whole world will be at peace.

I’m not in agreement with Clayton Morris 100% but he has good points

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