Is the US Goverment Shutdown a Blessing in Disguise?

Is it possible with the Shutdown approaching the 30 day mark, that certain positions of Government employees become permanent? IF you think about this in another way, the “blessing in disguise” I am referring to is a means to get rid of a lot of Obama’s ideologues entrenched in this government and to downsize the Government itself to becoming a more efficient operation. When more help is needed, and of course if this shutdown is to last several more days, weeks, months or even remotely possible years, then Trump and team can rehire whoever they wish when the time is right. WIN WIN!


I think it’s perfect time to start talking about cutting goverment spending/employees.

Trump and repugs need to push this agenda…it would send shivers down the progressives backs. Most American people haven’t even felt it let alone know anyone that is effected by the shut down.

Oh libs will say they know lot of people that’s effected…but again that’s who they run with. But your common working Joe haven’t even noticed.

At least I haven’t yet.


I find it laughable that the radio is talking about how the shutdown has cost taxpayers billions but they’re talking about the salaries of these government workers that aren’t being paid currently. Doesn’t that mean the shutdown is actually saving the taxpayers billions? Where’s our refund of that surplus?


Yes it does mean that, and the surplus probably goes into a fund to be decided on later.

Funny how Piglosi and Schumck Chuck are still getting paid throughout the shutdown while complaining how federal workers are suffering? If we actually had an honest media to ask these hard question, I would assume both of these clowns would look even more foolish than they already are.

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At least the furloughed employees are stimulating the travel industry… :roll_eyes:


Just remember, the same people bitching about the government workers not getting paid right now are the same ones who were cheering on Obama when most of the employment gains were going to government jobs instead of the private sector which was bleeding jobs. So in a way, this IS Obama’s fault too.

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This is an excellent angle. I think as needs arise shifting of the functioning to the “shutdown” payroll will in effect be a cut in federal spending. This may prove to have very little to do with a wall err fence err whatever you want to call it.

Declare an emergency to fix existing barriers and expand where vitally needed as per DHS.


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Think of it from another angle as well.

Chuckie and paste face will have been outmaneuvered. They are publically lamenting over the people who are not getting their paychecks. It is them who will have caused the loss of jobs playing right into Trumps hands. The fact that they didn’t take that into consideration when they decided play hardball will backfire on them.

So very true. They have already proven to not be that smart and thus continue their epic failures. Hell, they might even hang themselves with their own rope if given enough of it. Like you said they have played right into Trump’s hands, even Hollywood celebrities have conceded this much.

I thought that the RIF didn’t apply if there is a signed agreement on back-pay, which is already done.

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There are plenty of places to cut government spending, but rhis shutdown is effecting the same people that provide safety for our country.

TSA, Coast Guard, FAA… these institutions are created to provide us with safety and security. These are not people that we should send home and provide a paycheck for doing nothing. We are telling these security people to work for an IOU. We are even telling some of them to go home and we will pay them later.

This doesn’t reduce the cost of government. We are still paying everyone that had a job before the shutdown, BUT we are paying them to do nothing. That is not conservative. That is socialist.

My personal record for waiting to get paid for Government contracted work is 19 months.

Welcome all to the “ordinary world.” (Caution: Duran Duran content) :wink:

19 months seems like a long time to me but I know a few Navy contractors here and I can understand the negotiation process with naval ships. Some contracts last 5 years or more. I can understand a paynent coming in 19 months after the project. Especially a billing for time and materials.

Then you can understand when Gov workers that are not working have to wait when their pay is late.

Welcome to the new world, I saw you in the old one.


I saw someone here mention it when the shutdown first started - this would be a way for Trump to drain the swamp. Maybe that wasn’t his plan when the shutdown started but I don’t see him not taking the chance to trim some fat.

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Yes, I agree with your view, as it appears it’s one of those unintended consequences that may pay dividends down the road!

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They will ALL be paid and they haven’t worked , I don’t see that as a cost savings measure . When most workers are furloughed they receive NO pay and must wait to get unemployment and receive ONLY a percentage of their pay . This is a PAID VACATION .


All it would take to fix that is the stroke of the pen.

I understand that…but most people are realizing this goverment shut down hasn’t affected them.

IMO that’s positive for advocating cutting back goverment. I think it can advance our cause is what I’m referring too in the long run.

But again I’m just thinking out loud. :wink:

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It also demonstrates that many of the social justice programs that are “vitally necessary” to Democrats aren’t really necessary at all. Strange.