Is the Second Amendment still relevant today?

The best way to guarantee the right to bear arms is to make every adult in America a gun user through universal military training. Require all those 18 and above living in the US to serve a year of active duty for training followed by part-time duty in the reserves, National Guard, or State Guards/Militias

But there won’t be enough support in America for mandatory military service.

If World War III or an alien invasion were to occur there will be overwhelming support of universal military training and conscription.

But if the pro-draft supporters seize control of Congress and the Presidency then we can implement the draft

Yeah. We don’t want the draft either. Let’s create a peace department (:flushed: god forbid) and avoid WW3

Americans are tired of forever war.

Like talking to other nations, even if they have been called our enemy? An excellent idea.

We have. They are called ambassadors.

Coming to you as soon as you show weakness.

Americans, as I define them, never tire of defending our country and our freedoms.

So what’s your solution. Because eventually one mass shooting will be the straw that breaks the camels back…

The 2nd Ammendment preserves our right to resist a tyrannical government. It has become increasingly clearer, that with Soros funding, the Left will not stop at anything to disarm LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS.
The 2nd Ammendment is simply worded and unmistakably clear.