Is the pope dead, or ousted?

Holy smokes!

What does that white smoke from the Sistine Chapel mean?

I dunno, but I suspect that if the Pope died, they’d send out a spokesman to say “sorry folks, but the Pope is dead”

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This day and age, you never know who is dead or alive.
For those in power, there is always the cloning technology, or means to find look-alikes to serve as body doubles.

All the dictators had (and have) body doubles.
Did you examine carefully the face of “Trump” who went to Vietnam to meet Kim?

Though Trump was hardly a dictator, the guy who came out of the plane sort of looked like Trump, but he wasn’t.

Or do you recall Hillary who debated with Trump in 2016?
The woman in white was sort of slim, but real Hillary was already plump and obese.



Nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe somebody was cleaning the stove.

That, and all the cardinals from around the world would be descending upon Rome.

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