Is Any of the #Metoo Crowd Screaming About This?

The case against the student wasn’t pursued because something similar was dismissed, &, according to another source, many jurors faulted the victim.

Is any of the hashtag metoo screaming about this? Or are they more interested in work related harassment that took place 20 odd years ago?

It appears they did not have a strong case and were willing to take a plea to anything rather than lose all together .

This is interesting coming from the prosecutor and not the defense attorney:

The prosecutor says evidence didn’t support allegations that the victim may have been drugged.

I wonder what are the most common substances a drink would be spiked.

And were such substances searched?

There is no drug test that can find all possible substances. If not seeking one or more, they won’t be found.

What I hate about our justice system is that people accept plea bargains to make things go away. It’s a form of admitting guilt even if you didn’t do what you’re accused of doing.